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Vegetarian*I do date non-vegetarians OK, former girlfriends were not vegetarians, I dont give anyone a hard time about it, but I am a strict vegetarian myself ("vegetarian vegan" I do not eat any animal products, no meat, no fish, no honey, no dairy, no chicken, no MSG, no "natural flavors", no whey, etc.) So I don't eat in most restaurants, as they cook with lard etc (I can have a beverage).

"He doesn't even eat Cheese!"

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I find that life is nicer with love.


MEMBER of VEGGIEDATE.ORG: I am at, and they are a great service, I remain a member after many years).

NEW: After reading reviews at regarding the top Free Dating Web Sites, I signed up, and they are much better, compare the reviews, OkCupid got more Stars, and they have more features and a better college educated attitude than pof
OK CUPID is BETTER than POF (Plenty of Fish): This other link another article has the actual scorecards on the Free Dating Sites, select "Read Review" for each site and Okcupid was #1 in the review scores, both by and by Readers who wrote reviews, and I agree, Okcupid is by far the best, however has more membership, and it is nice, but with Okcupid you can really present more info, a better screening process, you can take personal notes on each profile "requests I never write again" (to remind me), and its all FREE (with options to upgrade, but I have the Free account it's good, just have not found anyone as of July 10 2013). I think with its larger membership is a resource but does not have the finer features of okcupid. Also has a poor, uneducated view of psychology, in that they continually bash "intimacy" as the #1 force of evil on the planet. and recently I was warned that my membership would be terminated if I wrote someone with a greater than 14 year age difference. My psychology professor (head of psyh dept at Saddleback) said its ok for a relationship with a large age range, as long as there is mutual spark; but admitedly it is rare, so why press their buttons at I will try to keep it to 14 years, but women lie about their age by more than 14 years, so then what..... Okcupid has a better psychological attitude, someone with an education has a voice at okcupid (I am guessing they have a full time psychologist on staff); while any mention of sex or intimacy will result in termination kind of attitude.... (perhaps a full time priest?)

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