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Music on this page by R. Strauss, background Hubble photo of Pluto
Photo: Left to right: Pluto and moons: Charon, Nix, and Hydra

ARCHURE is a former member (currently not, due to fiscal & time constraints) of ISAR, International Society for Astrological Research, the AFA, American Federation of Astrologers, and NCGR, National Council for Geocosmic Research (Americas Largest Membership of Astrological Organizations)

I USED TO BE listed on Mountain Astrologer Magazines web site under Our Favorite Links, it said, around 1/4 down the page "Astrologer Will Chris Holley has an interesting site, Astro Axis (my astro business name), with lots of original, commercial-free material". a great web site, and top Magazine (available most everywhere). BUT THEY TOOK ME OFF THE LIST (didn't tell me, how embarssing, don't know why).

I am known and recognized as a knowledgeable
astrologer, by David Cochrane (former President of ISAR, International Society for Astrological Research, David Cochrane is a University Professor, and programmer of Kepler Software, and founder of Cosmic Patterns), and also known by his top assistant Fei Cochrane. And listed at their links page

And recognized by many others.

U-ra-nus: (actual photo, borrowed from NASA) the planet that's astrological influences deal with Astrology itself. The planet is physically sideways, unconventional, and has to do with people more of the same, astrologers, computer programmers, electronics, science, and genius

The book "BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Scientist and Statesman" by I. Bernard Cohen (Professor of the History of Science Harvard University) copyright 1972 and 1975 library# QC16.f68 C63 published by Charles Scribners Sons NY, Page 26 shows a photo of the cover of Franklins "Poor Richards Almanack", which lists on the cover page "EPHEMERIS" of the Planets, Sun and Moon
Sigmund Freud's most famous student, the second most famous Psychiatrist (#2 after Freud who is #1, we think Freud was also an astrologer)
see "Synchronicity: An Acasual Connecting Principle" by Carl Jung which contains astrological data. Currently in print ISBN 0-691-01794-8
Ronald and Nancy Reagan are Astrologers, and were "Expert Astrologers" well before they were a couple. This, as per my grandfather Ted, a former top staff at Paramount, RKO, Desilu Studios in Hollywood (1920's-1964), who personally knew both of them before they were a pair. All of Nancy's apparent "beginner level" interest in Astrology, was just media hype, the real truth being that they both are long time experts.
Sir, I have studied it, you have not -Isaac Newton, Scientiest & Astrologer (190 IQ) said in defense of astrology to disbeliever in Halley (comet discoverer) But was Newton really an astrologer? There is some contoversy over the question, more about it at

Astrology is the Root of Astronomy
Astronomy is the Core of the Physical Sciences

Many early Astronomers such as Kepler, were both Astronomers and Astrologers, educated by The Church. Astrology and Astronomy went hand in hand.
Quotes from "The LIVING BIBLE Paraphrased" 1971
(in print, available at Borders Books)
MATTHEW 2:1 "At about that time some astrologers from eastern lands (the 3 wise men) arrived in Jerusalem, asking, 'Where is the newborn King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in far-off eastern lands, and have come to worship him' "
(note: in those days there was no different word for Star or Planet, Planets were also called Stars, and "his Star" was most likely Venus and Jupiter rising together (1/7/3AD 4:50am)) however, there is a very remote chance that they had some sort of telescopes back then (much historical data has been lost), and they may have been referring to Neptune (planet of religion) aligned with the moons "north node" (area of good luck).
MATTHEW 2:9 - 2:10 "After this interview the astrologers started out again. And look! The star appeared to them again, standing over Bethlehem. Their joy knew no bounds. Entering the house where the baby and Mary his mother were, they threw themselves down before him, worshiping. Then they opened their presents and gave him gold, frankincense and myrrh....."
This modern translation, The Living Bible, goes along with Biblical Historians, who are certain that the 3 Wise Men were Astrologers (and apparently more than 3). I say this in religious defense of astrology, to the ignorant accusers (go pick on someone of your own karmic liability status). The 3 Wise Men were Good Guys, they were Astrologers. Please do not condemn them and please do not condemn me. I may not be perfect, but I am basically a moralistic nice person with good intent

Will Chris Holley
FORMER MEMBER of: (cost cutting)
AFA = American Federation of Astrologers
ISAR = International Society for Astrological Research
NCGR = National Council for Geocosmic Research

    Will Chris Holley
    June 6th 1953 8:31 AM San Diego CA
  • Moon MC orb 1 deg
    MC = top of sky, place of honor & fame
  • Saturn conjunct Neptune orb 1 deg
    Saturn = Experts, Neptune = Arts & Transcendence
  • T-square to U-ra-nus 12th
    Natural Born: astrologer, genius, psychologist
    No degree in psychology, just a natural talent
  • Mercury conj Mars (gives me a sexy voice)
    smart ass, bitter
    tongue, writer, lead guitarist
    (currently Saturn is transiting my Mercury so I am revising, editing, my web pages)
  • Venus conj Hades orb 1 deg in 10th
    Venus = musician, artist
    Hades = ancient history (ancient art and music)
  • Mars conj Vulcan orb 1 deg 12th
    (endless passion, strong sex drive, hetero)
    Hades & Vulcan are called TransNeptunians, their existence is questionable as it is hard to find astronomical data on them

Mr. Holley is a Hetero (likes women). The world of Astrology does have many gay astrologers, but there is still room in the world for straight male astrologers too; like Mr. Holley, who is not prejudice of gender, gender preference, race, creed, color, national origin, I.Q., financial status, age, species..... and does not feel compelled to do absolutely everything there is to do, realizing the infinite of the universe, and his own finite existence within it, being practical as to limitations such as time, life span, money, reality...

"Its All In The STARS" go Sidereal