My Vegas Info

LAS VEGAS NEVADA 36N10 115W09 Pacific Time 8 hrs from GMT (7 during DST)

International (now Las Vegas Hilton) 4.3.1969
Stardust 7.2.1958 12:01 PM PDST
Caesars Palace 8.5.1966 6:00 PM PDST (Ven Mars Jup conj)
Main St Station (New Grand Opening) 11.22.1996 5:00 AM
Ballys 1.28.1986 (was originally the MGM, the MGM has moved down the street now, new building) but the casino never closed, it changed ownership without closing, thus the original date)
MGM (the New MGM new building) 12.18.1993
Monte Carlo 6.21.1996 12:00 AM PDST
Sahara 12.2.1952
Fremont (Downtown) 5.18.1956
Treasure Is 10.26 ??? or 10.27.1993?? 10:00 PM
Flamingo (original chart) 12.26.1946 (rebuilt since then)
Texas (off strip) 7.10.1995 9:00 AM PDST
Circus Circus 10.18.1968 (not 2.24.1974)
Mirage 11.22.1989
Luxor 10.15.1993 (daytime opening) Sun Moon Jup conj
Tropicana 4.4.1957
Excalibur 6.19.1990
Belagio 10.15.1998 11:05 PM (Saturn 10th)
Venitian 5.4.1999 12:58 AM
Paris 9.1.1999 10:00 PM
Las Vegas Founded 5.15.1905 10:00 AM
Las Vegas Inc 3.16.1911 3.16.1911
Clark County 11.24.1966 (same day astrologer Howard Hughes moved to Vegas)
Nevada 10.31.1864 8:08 AM Carson City Nevada (addmitted into Union)
Monte Carlo 6.21.1996
Mandalay Bay 3.2.1999 10:30 PM
Imperial Palace 11.1.1979
Golden Nugget 8.31.1946 (rebuilt since then)
Frontier 10.30.1942 (has since been rebuilt)
Riviera 4.18.1955 ?? or 4.30.1955 ?? or 4.21.1955 ??
Aladdin (newly rebuilt) 8.18.2000 11:00am

SOURCE: The source for my info varies, various Nevada History books in the West Charleston library, and "Experience Las Vegas" (book) are the main sources, and some of the data does not match up, such as the various accounts of the opening of the Riviera, Treasure Is, Circus Cirucs, (there was a previous club called The Rio, not associated with the current Rio). I have done the best I can Searchs were done in MicroFilm in the newspaper archives (Review Journal newspaper, MicroFilm in the Main Las Vegas Library, shows a pre-opening picture of Caesars, with marque "Grand Opening 6:00 PM" in the photo (from Aug 1966). The newspaper rarely, if ever, lists the Time of Day in its comments (and sometimes, not even the date, such as comments like "last weeks grand opening"). Thanks to KLAS TV local CBS News for the Time of day of openings, such as "due to permit delays, the grand opening VIP Party was not untill 7pm, and the general public was not admitted untill a little after 5:00 AM" (I use the time that the general public was addmited, not the VIP Parties). And have sometimes been able to verify TV News data with Staff that were present.

North Node in 8th, good for the Casino
North Node in 2nd, good for player

North Node in 7th (just past the casinos luck, now over) or in 9th (just short of casinos luck) both good for player

North Node in 3rd (just short of players luck) or North Node in 1st (just past players luck, now over) both good for casino