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SIGNS: a sidereal interpretation
by Will Chris Holley
NOTE: the current astrology used in the USA ("Tropical" astrology), is around one sign off from the real, original, astrology which goes the actual Stars "Sidereal" astrology (see "Sidereal" link at bottom of page). Most Virgos are actually Leos, most Scorpios are actually Libras, etc.....

1 Aries
The head, the mind, new beginnings, sober, coherent, action, no stopping this sign, war, military, leaders, psychology, (by the "Sidereal" system, Sigmund Freud born 5/6/1856 6:30 PM in Freiburg im Breisgau Germany, had the Moons North Node, Venus, Pluto, Sun, Uranus, all in Aries), rams
2 Taurus
The neck, business, banks, money, turning swords into plows, social life, the arts, farming, real estate, cows
3 Gemini
The hands, arms, and lungs, writing, communications, transportation, thought, cities, tribal society, communes, dogs
4 Cancer
The skin and stomach, family, motherhood, women, residential real estate, home, babies, food, cooking, crabs, shell fish
5 Leo
The heart, show biz, performing arts, parties, rock concerts, fun, lions
6 Virgo
The intestines, perfection, detail, crafts, employment, health, nutrition, medical fields, a sexy sign, opposite of secrets, becon of light, a goose
7 Libra
The hips, peace, karma, balance, ballet, the classical arts, women, beauty, and to a certain extent hip society, sheep
8 Scorpio
The genitals & body elimination, sex, privacy, repulsion, truth, honor, lone, eagle, scorpion, bats, octopus, spiders
9 Sagittarius
The thighs, higher education, self made persons of honor, world travel, world commerce, north of the equator this is good fortune, horses.
10 Capricorn
The knees, politics, age, wisdom, honor, structure, organization, cold & non-sensitive environment, industry, machinery, science put to practical applications, goats
11 Aquarius
The ankles & nervous system, genius, invention, humanity, science, astrology, psychology, eccentrics, freedom, the human animal, birds
12 Pisces
The feet, visions, dreams, intoxication, alcohol, hallucinative drugs, dream land, religions, beliefs, fairies, elves, leprechaun, the sea, the ocean, sea life, fish, boats, sailing, mystery, secrets, the CIA, spies, secret service, institutions, non-paid volunteer service, seeds