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Now with MUSIC added (Mercury and U-ra-nus will both be redone)
With The Planets by Gustave Holst (1917) and Planetary Songs by ARCHURE

The best links are the YouTube links. But most of the other links are low file size for those with Dial Up and International (typically only 60k, compared with an MP3 3meg)

Neptune is near the bottom of the page, but its my favorite planet (along with Venus, then Jupiter), so I am putting a Neptune link first. Youtube NEPTUNE Neptune

MERCURY: planet of communications and transportation, also medical, thinking, math, writing, speech, talking. HEAR MERCURY from The Planets by Gustave Holst 1917

Youtube MERCURY Mercury

VENUS: planet of Love, Beauty, Music, Art, such a nice planet, friendship, peace, fun, and also money and finance. HEAR VENUS from The Planets by Gustave Holst 1917

"Moon Venus Neptune" by ARCHURE Song

"Moon Venus" by ARCHURE Song

Youtube VENUS Venus

MARS: planet of Phsycial Energy, sports, dance, exercise, sex, passion, war, anger (better to manifest the engergy with dance, exercise, or sports than war). HEAR MARS from The Planets by Gustave Holst 1917

"Mars" by ARCHURE Song

Youtube MARS Mars

Youtube TOMITA MARS Mars

JUPITER: planet of Hope, Faith, Trust, Success, Preservation, Celebration, Joy, Parties, Luck, Spending, Gifts, as well as overindulgence, overspending, and weight gain, so watch it. HEAR JUPITER from The Planets by Gustave Holst 1917

"Jupiter will see you thru" 2006 by ARCHURE Song

"Moon Jupiter" 2005 by ARCHURE Song

"New Beginning" by ARCHURE Song

Youtube JUPITER Jupiter

Youtube Jupiter Jupiter vocal

SATURN: planet of Time & Experts
Saturn, the "ringed planet", the planet of structure, time, organization, experts, professionals, and teachers. Saturn is Karma, what goes around comes around. Thus, for many people, Saturn is considered a "malific", but for vegetarian vegans, its payback time in a more positive respect

HEAR SATURN from The Planets by Gustave Holst 1917

"Concerto in C#" by ARCHURE Song

Youtube SATURN Saturn

U-RA-NUS: planet of Science, Astrology, Computers, Electronics, Genius, Eccentrics, as well as Freedom, those who do things differently HEAR U-RA-NUS from The Planets by Gustave Holst 1917
. The HUMAN Animal is a Uranian Animal, we are the Crazy Geniuses of the Animal Kingdom. Uranus goes around the zodiac every 84 years (typical Human longevity).

"Wild On The Run" African by ARCHURE Song

"Moon Pisces" by ARCHURE Song

"Space" by ARCHURE

"Space" New Age Song OR ver II Song a better version

"Alpha 11" by ARCHURE Song

Youtube U-RANUS Uranus

NEPTUNE: planet of Mystery
Neptune is the planet of Mystery, Illsusion, Dreams, Visions, Music, Vibations, Cycles per second, Waves, the Ocean, Water, Color, Light Waves, Religion, Long Hair, Hip Society, Artists, Secrets, Spys, Volunteers. HEAR NEPTUNE from The Planets by Gustave Holst 1917

"Moon Neptune" by ARCHURE Song 2006

"Dreamland" by ARCHURE Song Only OR Full Page

Youtube NEPTUNE Neptune

PLUTO (and Charon, the Double Planets): the planet of Primatives, Cities, Urges, Compulsions, Fertility, and Mushrooms HEAR PLUTO actually its "Sunrise" by Richard Strauss, but I think it makes a good Pluto (Pluto was not discovered till 1930, and Holst wrote The Planets in 1917)

"Ancient One" by ARCHURE Song

Youtube PLUTO Pluto


Listen to the MIDI Links
Get a tape or CD of
"The PLANETS" by Gustav Holst
classical music for orchestra 1917
with a seperate piece for each planet
The music is very accurate and disrciptive, this way you can more easily learn the feelings of the planets.

get an "Ephemeris" (book) it lists the planetary postions of the Sun, Moon and the Planets, get one that covers at least from 1950-2000, one page every month, a row per day, note: "Poor Richards Almanac" by Ben Franklin was an Ephemeris with social comments.

Computer Software

Expert Astrologer (beginers)
Kepler (very advanced for experts)
MicroCycles in Los Angeles carries all astro softwares (I will post their contact info later)