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COLOR, MUSIC, and ASTROLOGY copyright 1992 & 1993 by Chris Holley
This page uses the ART version of the color wheel graphics, which is traditional in Art but not scientifically perfect, there is also the Adobe/MS color wheel. I observe Adobe 345 as 0 Aries = MS 230, 0 degrees of Taurus Adobe 015 and MS 10......... (would not want Aries less than Adobe 345, and primary yellow ffff00 is the middle of Gemini (Ancient Egypt the birth of Civilization was a Age of Gemini culture that followed the Dog Stars, Gemini the sign of Cars and Phones, Dogs are Gemini/Virgo), with the Computer Colors Gemini ranges from Amber thru Yellow into chartreuse, our eyes are more sensitive in this area, and also this seems to alert a Warning, possibly warning us of some plant or flower in our evolution? Our eyes are less sensitive to small color differentiation in the Green range, and very sensitive in the bluish-purple range Adobe 255-284 Capricorn and I would not want Aquarius to start any later than 285 (draw the line) where purple turns to pink. I am Straight and am not going to give up portions of the color wheel due to my gender preference nor give up nearly the entire color wheel due to being male. However you will notice I do tend to Darken the Pisces hues (Adobe 215....) except in blends from orange to violet (favorite thing to do).

But this page uses the older traditional ART colors... REVISIONS 5/23/14: I will also revise the 1st wheel today or soon

The 1st wheel #3 is Orange is the traditional Artists Color Wheel
This 2nd picture #3 is Yellow (not #5) is the Newer Revised based on Science rather than Art. More detail:
The reason for the difference is, the traditional Artist Wheel is how the eye sees it, but the Scientific Wheel (2nd wheel #3 Yellow, NOT #5) if MS and Adobe are correct??? it is an equal distribution mathematically not based on our eyes sensitivity, our eyes are more sensitive to 2nd wheel Science Wheel #3 Yellow (amber to chartreuse), and color #10, to see how sensitive see.

I will soon revise the 1st wheel. The 2nd wheel is based on the middle of the sign (to include Yellow which is a small pin point of a degree)

So I would suggest the 2nd wheel, orange is now Taurus and Yellow is Gemini

1 Aries
2 Taurus
3 Gemini
4 Cancer
5 Leo
6 Virgo
7 Libra
8 Scorpio
9 Sagittarius
10 Capricorn
11 Aquarius
12 Pisces
from my book: Color, Music, and Astrology
1 G#/Ab - Aries - Red or Fire/Police Red
2 A - Taurus - Reddish Orange or Neon
3 A#/Bb - Gemini - Orange or Carrot
4 B - Cancer - Yellowish Orange or School Bus
5 C - Leo - Yellow or Lemon
6 C#/Db - Virgo - Yellowish Green or Chartreuse
7 D - Libra - Green or Kelly Green
8 D#/Eb - Scorpio - Bluish Green or Aqua Turquoise
9 E - Sagittarius - Light Blue or Greek Blue
10 F - Capricorn - Bluish Violet or Indigo
11 F#/Gb - Aquarius - Violet or Purple
12 G - Pisces - Reddish Violet or Maroon Burgundy
(note: this is in reference to Sidereal Astrology, see main astrology menu for "Sidereal")
Interesting to note:

FACT: Human Beings "Resonate" at F#
Violet is the same as F#, but many octaves higher than F#

Human Beings are Aquarian (IC)

If you take the musical note "A" natural, which orchestras tune to, it is 440 cycles per second, an octave lower is 220 cps, and an octave higher is 880 cps, but they are all "A"s. You can double the frequency over and over, and will eventually get to the light wave frequency of Red-Orange. I hypothesized this at first due to many reasons, and proved it later with a calculator.
My findings (stated in cart above) matched up exactly, notes to colors, from red, thru the oranges, and greens (over half the spectrum) until I got to Eb/BlueishGreen and above, after that point my calculations were only slightly off. Except for Yellow, and I could not figure it out. Now I see with the New Wheel (science not the traditional artists wheel) moves Yellow from Leo to Gemini, and I could not figure it out. It turns out certain areas of the spectrum are more or less differentiable, such as the Gemini and Capricorn hues. While the fire signs of the Science Colors wheel: Aries red, Leo green, Saggitarius blue, the beginning of the sign compared with the end of the sign, no apparant difference (at least with my eyes). What it is in Nature that makes us more sensitive to Yellow???
I believe that I am correct and that the light frequencies that I got from various publications are off because:

1) I'm always right (and I really am),
2) one of the most advanced books I got on this, discusses the original tests where light wave frequencies were measured (and were everyone gets the data), and the difficulty of measurement with the higher light waves (actually, all of them were not easy), and
3) due to the nature of Aqua and Eb, people tend to be driven away or repulsed by this color and musical note, as they represent personal issues of Scorpio (sex, body waste elimination, etc (also note that frequency at orgasm is 0.8 sec, converted to Frequency this is Eb)), thus this was the point where they began to spend less effort on the findings, and finally
4) the original color values had "vague" descriptions, such as Blue, which could be a greenish blue to some, or a Indigo blue to others, the descriptions where not specific enough.
Not only that, but add to that: Why would lower audio frequencies follow a perfect pattern, and continue the perfect pattern all thru the visual spectrum, just to suddenly change away from the basic pattern to a unpredictable, random, uneven, series from Blue thru Violet? Obviously, I am correct.
My music professors and art professors like my stuff, and I should get some applause from my Psychology professors as well, as this is a subject within the realm of Psychology, especially for those who have studied Carl Jung (who was a Psychologist & Astrologer (see "Astrology" in the Index of the multi volume "Collected Works of Carl Jung").
My book goes into more detail as to the Proofs of my statements, not just a random guess as to which Notes, Colors, and Astrological Signs correspond.
Music Theory, Color Theory, and Astrology Theory are all the same, make a wheel with the chart above (I will have to find a way to get that from my book onto my web page) and you will find that dividing the circle by 3 (120 degrees) equals harmony, while dividing the circle by 4 (90 degrees) is more discordant. And this holds true with any of the 3 theories; with more detail of Theory having been done within the world of Music. Yet there are a few items within Color which are not known within the other theories, and there are some items within Astrology that are not found in the others. But for the most part, the bulk of the 3 Theories (as taught in schools) is all in agreement, and all the same.
My book goes into way more detail, and although copyrighted twice (1992 & updated in 1993) it has not been published (except for a few copies by myself), and does need more work to finish it (and I am certain that I could add more and more, pertinent, important info). I would love to get an Astrology Publisher to publish it (such as the AFA or ACS or ?) and hope to do this someday.