ASTRO LESSONS: Signs Planets Angles/Orbs Houses Sidereal/Tropical Color/Music

There are 360 degrees in a circle
There are 12 signs in the Zodiac circle
360/12 = 30 degrees in each sign
(note: the sun travels about 1 degree a day)
(note: the moon travels about 1 degree / 2 hrs)

devide the circle into thirds & 6ths = harmony
devide by 4 = conflict, stress, yet achievement
exactly aligned in the same place = strong power

Question: as these Angles are made, how much give or take is allowed? must it be exact?
Answer: the more exact (and closer) the Angle, the more powerful it is, up to a variance or "orb" of 8 degrees (+/- plus minus 8 degrees), but with the Sun and or Moon (both being so powerful) we astrologers have noted that the "orb" of influence is up to 10 degrees between angles.
EXAMPLE: lets say the Moon is passing Neptune on a certain day at 1pm (and since the Moon travels around one degree every 2 hours) we would give this Neptune influence an "orb" of up to +20 hours and -20 hours to this time of 1pm (from 5pm the day before untill 9am the next morning), but the closer the degree of orb, the stronger, thus anything within a few hours is very strong (Neptune is religion, the sea, painting, music, mystery, film, fog, thus expect Fog in areas where it is typical, good day for Neptune activities, good day for church and prayer, good day for the ocean, the Arts, etc)

SQUARES 90 degree Angles
Stress & Conflict, yet a time when things must be done (example: a sinking boat, one must get a bucket and start bailing water, you must)
These people do all the work, they may drive everyone nuts, but they are the ones who take action. EXAMPLE Venus Square Mars (the 2 romantic planets) both genders tend to dress casual, and may not be the best looking, but are they ever so popular romantically. The men tend to be "ladies men" and promise and romance every woman available, the women just know how to attract guys, both men and women with this in their charts are "heart breakers" and cruel (they date many, people fall in love with them, and they move on to the next lover). They also make great Dancers, they are expert dancers

TRINES 120 degree Angles
Strong Harmony, times when things are easy, but also a time when things tend to fall apart (lazyness or physical items just deteriorate, such as a hot water heaters bottom falling out, just when everyone was relaxing)
This person has the tallent and abilities of the 2 planets combined, but may not use them or may not be able to use them. Example: Venus Trine Mars (the 2 romantic planets), denote a Ladylike Pretty Girl or Handsome Well Dressed Gentleman, but dont tend to date alot, they have the looks, but are not typically a go getter. They make good Married folks.

SEXTILES 60 degree Angles
(same as Trine, but less intense)

OPPOSITION 180 deree Angles
when 2 planets are opposite, things are "up in the air" things can not be planned as everyone is waiting to find out what will happen in order to know what course of action to take
OPPOSTION in a Birth Chart
This denotes someone who is Best at something, but can be taken advantage of because of this. EXAMPLE: Venus & Mars (the 2 romantic planets) this person is the Best Looking person, but they are very easily taken advantage of "yours are the most beautiful eyes ever (and its true) may I borrow your car?", answer "yes yes oh yes, take my car, and with it, me" (note, if the opposition forms a 90 degree square with another planet, the person is still the best, but not easily taken advantage of after all)

CONJUNCTION zero degrees or same location
These are the times that try mens and womens souls, these are the days, when the planets line up (like in the movie "2001 A Space Odesey" which we astrologers loved, by the way, the author Arthur C Clarke also wrote Childhoods End, a Sci Fi Masterpiece)
CONJUCTIONS in a persons Birth Chart:
the person has these two items in respect to each other, and is very good at these things
EXAMPLE Venus and Mars, the 2 romantic planets, this person is GOOD LOOKING and can get whatever they want out of anyone, espcially romance, born popular (examples of famous persons with this are Bill Clinton, Tom Jones, Kris Kristopherson, and the lady, the star of Dr Quin Medicine Woman (sorry, forgot her name, but she can have me anytime, take me baby, heal me, oooooh).

TAKE ME FOR EXAMPLE: (please Dr Quinn)
I have no squares to my Mars (the male planet, the physical planet, temperment, adrenilin) but I have Trines to Mars, THUS: the lack of Squares, I dont date alot, but with Trines, I am very good in bed when I do get into bed, which is not often enough for single me, and thus should be married. AND THUS: my muscles dont show, but I do have great strength

AND: I have Mercury Conjuct Mars, thus I am truely a sarcastic witty smart ass humorist, good at debate (verbal war, mercury is verbal or writing, and mars is war or challenge).

AND: I also have Saturn Conjunct Neptune (saturn is experts or teachers, and neptune is the arts, religion, music, mystery, illusion, I have an AA in Music and have jammed with many stars, including Tom Petty who also has these 2 aligned (in his chart, he has the Sun alligned iwth Saturn and Neptune).

FINALLY my Squares (and only squares) to U-RA-NUS, the planet of Astrology, Science, Psychology, Electronics, Computers, Engineering, and Genius. I drive people crazy with all this stuff, but I am the one that gets all the work done. See my resume at
If anyone can figure out a way to make it work, I can, yet I tend to drive everyone nuts with all my ranting and raving (all squares, with no trines (and in the 12th house I might add, the 12th house is secrets, behind the sceens, and things people can not see, thus I appear an idiot, I have often been confused for a mentally challenged person. 2 or 3 times, when I was in a public places (mall, public street, etc) where a group of low IQ persons ("Morons" have a low IQ of 50-75, as per Websters Unabridged) were visting, I was ushered and rounded up and herded with the rest of the group (old joke with me). So people dont see me as intelligent, but I am, and have proof (that no one wants to see), documentation of high IQ test scores. And I know alot about Psychology, and with no degree in that field, I have done many a lot of good (often I am faster and more direct in my help, than many licenced Psychologists, "I do all the work", wish I had that with my romantic planets, but i dont, but I can beat most anyone at a game of Chess (the high IQ sport).

you gotta know all the angles
you got your trines, squares, conjuctions
and then theres orbs
you gotta know all the angles
thats what this stuff is all about
ask any astrologist