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Fricii ~ Groovy; Turn On, Tune In, and Rock Out. We keep coming. We're the people that live.
They can't wipe us out, they can't lick us. We'll go on forever, cos we're THE PEOPLE
MUSIC 100% by me:
BabyLoveMe      WithoutEnd      Squeeker       Move Like That part 3       Dreamers Eye      WayOut      new88cc      Virtual Human       Riding The Night      WithYou      Love You Baby (choir)      RockNRoll isCool      SeeYouAgain       DynaStomp      WithoutEnd      Around the Corner      MoonNeptuneGrandTrine      Tri_1      MovingUp      AsTheNightGoes      Bon Voyage CW      CW2      MoonLight      Rocksteady      MoveLikeThat2      VirtualHuman drums      Baby Please      PredawnRock      RockingAgain      Traveling Song      Justice      201011190707a1      Neptune Rock     
MILDER:      DreamingTrack      Satisfaction Guaranteed      RockNRoll isCool      SeeYouAgain       Meditation Mn0Ar      To Be With You     

SOFT EASY LISTENING suitable for babies and you:       EasyListening1       New Age       Dance Of Love       Easy Wind       While Dreaming       XTN1      Satisfaction Guaranteed      El Camino Real      Dream Place      Valentine      ASIAN MUSIC by ARCHURE      

"To know what is right and not to do it, is the worst cowardice"

"The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell"

NEW AGE:       Night Sky       MnVenLibScorpCuspSidereal       Dreamlike       Wall 2 Wall       Utopian Tune       VenCap       Wandering In       Dream Real       SeasonalDrift       NewAge 20140812       Lost in the Wind       Saturn Rises 1trk solo       Wonders      

NEWEST TUNES:       20161102b      Virtual Human rock       drums only ver       Black Towel Affair rock       Sad Tune pseudo classical       DynaStomp disco electronic       new88cc       The Day is Coming Soon (Trower style)       20160612c       20160612b       20160606       Sad Tune pseudo classical       No Strings       Early to Modern       Move Like That - part 2 part 3       :END OF NEW TUNES

COOL MUSIC:       Without End       Fanfare       Night Sky       Love You Baby (choir)       Skies At Night       Justice       XTN9      my 49k guitar solo clip       MnScorpSun11Cap       Whispering Dream       Traveling Song       GiveYouMyLove Asian       Evening Hour remix       Aquar Stellium       VoooDooooo       Lovers Dance       Spinning       Spinning Dragon       Around the Corner       MnVenSagitAsc      MoonNeptuneGrandTrine      Ready 4 Love      MnSat10th      5remix2      Groovin With You      EarlySFdaze      WithYou      PiscesDawn      Happy New Year Blues      Incidental Rock      Moon Aries      VenusAsc3 SatMn      Rockin Down      201011190707a1      OohOohBaby      Watch Out      Daylight Sun      Evening Hour      Likeweusetodo      Lovers Dance       Tri_1       Right Now      20101012c       Progress     clip      Astral Dream       Jupiter Sky       Whispering Dream       Home Again      Scorpioland       Drifting       MoonLight       Come On      New Moon Aries       Daydream in Blue       Pacific       Midnight       On The Roof       Dont Say Maybe      Give You My Love      Freewheelin clip      Seasonal Drift       Midnight       Aquar Stellium       Riding The Night       Dream City       MnUr       Tribute To You       Last Chance     

BLUES:       Dues Blues ~ Dues Blues Asian       SaturnsRising       Tribute       Happy New Year Blues       New Thing       Organ Recital       FastTalkin      Blues 200801220200a      73K Midi Blues      SF      Overload     

ELECTRO:       Wall 2 Wall      Saturn Rises 1trk      Spaceman      Lost In The Void      xxr2      xxr1      XTN3     

COUNTRY and also WESTERN:       CW2      Come On       Clear as day       Typhoid Mary Blues       (singalong)       Banjo Man 4       Banjo Man      Banjo Man 2 (new mix)      Bon Voyage      Sinceiwas9      Country Western Improvisation 2      CW1      Hillbilly in a Bottle     

INDIA:      Mercy      Midnight Song      Back In Town      DownSideUp      Traveling Song      Predawn Rocka      Awaken     

SKA:      Good Morning Spliff midi      Rocksteady      ver4      Glorious Morning      In The Morning      Gong1      Feel the Sun      

VIDEO:      KnockYourSocksOff      Video      Mt Tops       Video       Mind Control Video            Meditative2       Video       MnSat2       Video      
HAPPY / UPBEAT:      Feel The Sun      RockNRoll is Cool      Party Now      Happy Vitamins (article)     
DARK / SAD:       Xcursion      Before Dawn      Sad Tune pseudo classical       No Strings       Dinner and TV      Sativa 1      Wind Chimes sativa      Sad Song      Spring Night      No Strings      Lost Ship      PisceanStellium     

AVANT-GARDE:       Way Out      Dreamers Eye     

ALPHA:       EMERGENCY ALPHA ~ POWER ALPHA Newer, Stronger, Better, Effective. ~ ALPHA GAMMA awakening consciousness

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