WEATHER LINKS Background Photo of Lightning by ARCHURE from a Las Vegas Hotel parking structure (ironic that it is photo #0123, see Psychic Phenomena)

HOURLY: CURRENT/RECENT-PAST (hourly postings) Las Vegas Weather Link you can check during storms. HOURLY: barometric pressure, rainfall, and temp etc, note: pressure of 30 = good weather, 29 range = storm aka low pressure system, it typically starts raining when the pressure lowers to around 29.5 or 29.6).

If you put in your zip code to the link above (, this is what you get for Las Vegas
LISTS: CURRENT TEMP & CONDITIONS, below that FUTURE WEATHER, then below that on the right side, more than 50% down the page, it says: "Additional Resources"
*Link to Local Radar Data (click to map)
**Link to Satellite Data (click and scroll down)
***Hourly Weather Forecast (click on chart). Chart shows Forecast of what "time of day" you can expect winds, temp changes, humidity, etc. Very Accurate.

CURRENT WEATHER US National Weather Service (current conditions) maps & graphs

METEROLOGY GUIDE (a great explanation)

WEATHER MAPS: H = Fair, L = Storm, wind generally blows west to east, green dots are Doppler Radar = Rain
USA Weather Map with High & Low Pressure systems

Reading up at Wikipedia, I estimate that Las Vegas being around 2000 feet above sea level, is usually around -5 (kPa), so at sea level if it was 1010 (kPa) then perhaps it would be 1005 (kPa) in Las Vegas (2000 feet above sea level). See link to chart, but note their elevation is in Meters not Feet

WEATHER DATA (they lie, add 10 degrees to summer Las Vegas temperatures)
Las Vegas:
Las Vegas:

Climate at a glance (US Gubment)

1013.25 mb (millibars) = 20.92"Hg (in Merc) = 1.0 atm (atmosphere)

"You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows" -Bob Dylan

MUSIC on this page: "Wind That Brings The Storm" 2005 by ARCHURE (Will Chris Holley)

Mandala of Science, by ARCHURE

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