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You have observed the force of a Magnet, how it points to North, how it makes grains of Iron in soil align in structure, how it pulls other metals. Magnetism is an Invisible Force, yet it exists.

Going down to the Atomic level, all matter is comprised of Atoms which are made up of Protons and Neutrons with orbiting Electrons.   Sometimes if an Atom has room in its outer orbit, for an extra Electron, it picks up a stray Electron, holds it for a while, then passes it on.   Then another Atom which has room for an extra Electron picks it up.   This passage and transference of Electrons is Electricity.   As this transfer of Electricity moves in a direction, there is a Magnetic force at a 90 degree angle.

The Earth is a large magnet.   It has an "S" (negative) charge at the North Pole, and a "N" (positive) charge at the South Pole.   HEY WAIT A MINUTE, don't I have that mixed up? NO.

Your compass "N" (positive) charge points towards the "S" (negative) charge of the North Pole.   Take two compasses, and bring them next to each other, and they will attract "N" to "S" (never "S" to "S", nor "N" to "N", as like charges REPEL away from each other).

Electrons travel from "S" to "N"
Thus Electrons travel from the Earths North Pole ("S" charge) to the Earths South Pole ("N" charge), and with this, a Magnetic Force is in coexistence.

When putting two magnets together, if you place them "S" to "N", they attract and stick together, but if you place the "S" to "S" or "N" to "N" they repulse. Thus the proper way to go in harmony with nature ("don't piss into the wind" -old saying, in favor of going in harmony with nature, or "don't bicycle into the wind"), is to place magnets "S" to "N" (or "N" to "S", same thing).

If you live on the North Side of the Equator:
and you stand all day with your feet on the ground, the earth has a "S" charge and your Feet develop an "N" charge and your head develops a "S" charge.

If you live on the South Side of the Equator:
and you stand all day with your feet on the ground, the earth has a "N" charge and your Feet develop an "S" charge and your head develops a "N" charge.

When you lay down to go to sleep......
You should lay down with your feet towards the "nearest" pole and your head towards the equator. (general rule for either side of the equator). Thus you are keeping your charge in harmony (not repulsing).

There are wires in your walls bringing electricity to your wall outlets and lights and switches. You live amongst TV and Radio antennas, telephones, speaker wires, computers, light bulbs, microwave ovens, refrigerators, heaters, and even cellular phones, radio and TV waves, and microwaves.

There are allot of waves and residual coexisting magnetic forces just Flying around. And although you only hear a certain Range of Frequencies (20 cycles per second up to 20,000 cps or "hertz"), and See a limited range of higher frequencies, there are allot of frequencies that are outside the range which we see and hear. Have you even been watching TV when all of a sudden your ears start ringing? It is because a large noise just came over the TV, which although Outside the Range of your hearing, it did exert a high pressure on your ear drum (this out of range sound is sometimes called a "High Frequency Burst").

Some people like to live in the country with No Electricity. And they avoid much of the residual coexisting magnetic forces and waves. Just because you cant see them nor hear them does not mean they are not important. They do exist.

Keep your use of Electricity down to "what you need", and the result will be a lower electrical bill, enough electricity for everyone who needs it, and less stray residual forces causing magnetic clutter and disruption to you and everything.

If you need to read, certainly use a High Wattage light bulb (at close range, as the power of the light diminishes at an inverse of distance to light ratio, i.e.. light gets fainter as it get farther away). If you need to see, then use a light bulb. Or if you need to make the house well lit for security reasons, that is a valid reason; but leaving many lights on everywhere is a waste. Keep it to a minimum. Use Electricity, don't waste it. (note: keeping a computer on even when not in use, uses a small amount of electricity, and helps extend the life of a computer, as, when you first turn it on, there is an initial burst forth of electricity, which tends to wear out the life of the electronic components more that leaving it on does).




  • You are a part of nature (not superior to it)
  • Use Nature to your advantage, work with it, Not against it
  • Row your boat Downstream (not up stream)
  • Piss away from the Wind (not into the wind)
  • Let your fellow animals co-exist (be a vegetarian, its healthier, less taxing on your health, its a way more cost efficient way of producing food, ).
  • Be Nice to People (its no fun for you nor others if you are Angry i.e.. "suffering from aggression", eating meat causes aggression, doctors say to angry people "cut out the red meats, cut back on all meats")
  • Use biodegradeable Safe non-toxic products that are safe (don't ruin the planet for the next generation; Earth will survive, Mankind? perhaps)
  • Do the right thing (not the wrong thing, just because others say "what the hell")
  • Be good