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My Vegan Web Page
my main page

I have one of their PETA Hats & a T-shirt

Excellent Resource Info
All 4 Vegan
Offers resources for Detroit vegan events, vegan literature dissemination and display, vegan matchmaker services and links.

Vegan Society
UK group provides factsheets on topics such as nutrition and health. Order a catalog of books, or consult guides on vegan traveling and shopping.

I have one of their long sleve "Go Vegan for Life" T-shirts
Vegan Outreach
Advocacy group aspires to educate the public about the benefits of a vegan diet. It also shares articles on animal rights and its newsletter.
Magazine provides cooking suggestions, articles and links to food outlets. Includes recipes and book reviews.
Vegan Outreach - Why Vegan?
Brochure explains the benefits and moral reasons behind the vegan lifestyle. Includes quotes from famous vegetarians such as Einstein and Gandhi.
Vegan-L FAQ
Vegan mailing list provides answers to frequently asked questions about vegan eating, cooking and lifestyle.
Vegan Central
Comprehensive guide offers vegan lifestyle basics, advice on nutrition, frequently asked questions, political perspectives and links.
Vegan Street
Chicago-based vegan ezine offers recipes, restaurant listings and cooking tips. Find activist advice, a community center and an events calendar.
Food Ingredients Made From Animals
Alphabetical list provides the names of food ingredients and additives that are derived from animals and animal products.
Iron in the Vegan Diet
Vegetarian Resource Group analyzes the need for iron in the average diet, and lists possible iron sources for practicing vegans.
Calcium in the Vegan Diet
Vegetarian Resource Group examines the need for calcium, and lists nonanimal sources of the mineral. Read about the effects of too much protein.
All 4 Vegan
Offers resources for Detroit vegan events, vegan literature dissemination and display, vegan matchmaker services and links.
A Vegan Primer
David Rolsky's article offers advice to beginning vegans on abstaining from animal products in diet, clothing and cosmetic items.
Institute of Nutrition Education and Research
Michael Klaper, MD authors books on vegan nutrition. Review the results of his research and get nutritional strategies for specific conditions.
Veggies Unite
Vegetarianism guide has a recipe directory, a price chart for organic produce, sample grocery lists, a meal planner, and a list of veggie events.
Tofu and Miso Homepage
Find out what tofu is and how it is made. Check out dairy-free recipes, including a no-bake cheesecake.
Fatfree Sauce Recipes
Find Alfredo, bechamel, cheese, and pesto sauces that are fat free. Includes a selection of vegan and ethnic recipes.
Lasagna: Vegan Lasagna
This variation on the theme of lasagna uses tofu, as well as cauliflower, chard, and mushrooms.
Good Stuff Online - Recipes
Health nuts are welcomed to these recipes for courses that span the entire meal. Contains vegan dishes, low fat foods, and wheat breads. - Snack Recipes
Vegetarians and dieters should rejoice after scanning this archive of recipes for appetizers and snacks. Includes numerous vegan selections.
Grilled Pepper & Gemelli Salad
Vegan recipe from Veggie Heaven mixes red and green peppers with gemeli pasta cooked al dente.
Recipe Directory, The
Investigate the recipes for vegan chutney, dips, salad dressings, gravy, pesto, sauces, and spreads. With details on soy dips and blends.
Veggies Unite
Examine the collection of vegan sandwich recipes. Learn how to prepare a tempeh salad sandwich, an Asian tofu sandwich, or a barbecue pita.
Living & Raw Foods - Recipes
Interesting collection of raw food recipes includes soups, breads, desserts, and cookies. Provides information about why raw food is healthy
Vegan Bread Recipes
Author and web artist shares recipes with fellow vegans for biscuits and pizza dough. Learn about her other interests.
Soyfoods Cookbook
Find a large selection of recipes for tofu, tempeh and other soy-based foods that are rich in protein and vitamins. Includes cooking tips.
Vegan Action
Berkeley-based nonprofit organization promotes the vegan lifestyle and offers educational resources. Browse the catalog of vegan products.
Tasty Vegan Recipes
Browse a small collection of vegan recipes for breakfast items, snacks, tempeh, and bean, rice, and fruit dishes.
Vegan Recipes Just Like Mom Never Made
Offers beginning vegans an arsenal of recipes for traditional dishes that are created without dairy or meat products.
Vegan Cooking
Offers advice on "veganizing" traditional recipes with egg replacers, soy products and faux meat. Also find cooking tips.
Favorite Vegan Recipes
Find five vegan recipes for salads, colcannon, mudammas, gravy and cheeseless cheesecake.
Conveniently Vegan
Read a synopsis of this book, or browse sample recipes that feature convenient methods of vegan cooking using packaged foods.
Porridge People, The
Find recipes for breads, vegetables, veggie burgers, soups, snacks and desserts that contain no meat or dairy products.
Kate Pugh's Vegan Cookery Page
Vegan chef provides a large archive of recipes, which is searchable by course, occasion, cuisine type and main ingredient. - Vegan Recipes
Recipe archive offers over 50 vegan recipes for salads, entrees, breakfast items, soups, casseroles and desserts.
Recipes Folder
Find recipes divided into vegetarian, "dead animals," and "things possibly involving dead animals and possibly not."
No Bakery
Vegan "no cookies" contain no dairy, no eggs, no refined sugar, no artificial additives, and no preservatives. Call toll-free or e-mail orders.
Vegan London
Find restaurants, shops and places to stay for the visiting vegan. The listed accommodations are hostels and hotels that cater to vegan diets.
Cookin' with Mother Nature
Preview Dick Gregory's book about adopting a vegan raw food diet for health and disease prevention. Read the first chapter and order online.
Vegan Index
Collection of links includes a list of animal-derived substances and posts discussions on iron, protein, food groups and cholesterol.
How It All Vegan
Resource for vegans offers tips on converting. Find a huge selection of recipes, read about the authors, or link to animal-rights sites.
Vegan Village
Community of United Kingdom vegans features a new recipe each week. Find suggestions for vegan books, catering services and restaurants.
Vegan House
Group of students living in Ontario formed a community based on the vegan lifestyle. Read definitions of veganisms, or study recipes.
Vegan Bikers
Promoters of the vegan lifestyle publish their own magazine, "The Long Road," which has articles about making boots out of synthetic materials.
Farm Sanctuary
US organization operates farm-animal sanctuaries and wages campaigns to stop animal exploitation. View photos, or find membership details.
Mel's Veggie Page
Practicing vegan provides seven reasons why he feels being meat-free is beneficial. Find recipes, or browse links.
Spanish Vegan Society
Spanish vegan organization provides a list of local groups, plus an events calendar, articles and membership details.
Veganism Lowers Blood Cholesterol Levels
David Boles discusses the results of his experiment to see if veganism and a moderate exercise program can reduce blood cholesterol levels.
Learn about veganism, including the pros and cons of adopting the animal-free diet.
Browse this vegan-owned UK store's selection of boots, dress shoes and sneakers made of cruelty-free fabrics.

Politically minded vegan provides literature on the environmental and social impact of meat consumption. Read news, view photos, or find links.
Vegans International Australia
Australian organization promotes avoiding animal exploitation for human consumption. Learn about events, merchandise, books and membership.
Columbia Vegan Connection
South Carolina organization provides vegan articles and recipes, plus a restaurant guide and links. Find membership details.
Vegan Guide to Oxford
Find vegan-friendly pubs, restaurants, sandwich shops, cafes, supermarkets, health-food stores and organizations in Oxford, England.
Vegetarian and Vegan Web Pages
Find a collection of links to vegetarian and vegan organizations, resources and recipes for practitioners of a meat-free lifestyle.
Human Rights Argument for Veganism
Article by Jed Stamas argues that the vegan diet is compassionate to human hunger and starvation issues, as well as to animal life.
Veganism - Alt.Culture
Read a brief description of the vegan lifestyle which entails avoiding foods and products which use ingredients derived from animals.
Kelly's Veganism Page
Find out why this vegan chose to adopt a meat-free diet, learn about the health benefits of the vegan lifestyle, or browse animal-rights links.
Croydon Vegans
Find membership details and upcoming events from this London-area organization for vegans.
Glasgow Vegan Network
Organization offers an events calendar, a restaurant guide, FAQs and links to resources for practicing vegans in Glasgow, Scotland.
Meat Is Murder - The Animal Rights FAQ
Find resources or learn about organizations, books and periodicals dedicated to veganism and to animal rights.
Texas Vegan Guide
Directory lists animal-free dining options in Texas. Find vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly restaurants, as well as nutrition facts and links.
Sloth Underground's Vegan Page
Learn why this practicing vegan decided to give up animal-based products. Read articles, or find a list of vegan and animal-rights links.
Hong Kong Vegan Society
Offers vegan resources such as literature, a restaurant guide, links and an overview of relevant ethical issues. The text is in five languages.
Vegan Companies
Find a list of companies that manufacture vegan cosmetics, personal-care items and household products that are not tested on animals.
Leather Alternatives FAQ
Guide offers answers to common questions by those wishing to eliminate the use of animal skins for clothing and for other uses.
Veganism - Just Do It
Offers a brief description of the vegan lifestyle and the ethical, nutritional and environmental philosophies behind it. Text is also in Swedish.
Organization of vegan anarchists provides news updates, UK food and drink resources, and links to articles, FAQs and guides.
Vegan and Vegetarian Dating and Personals
Browse over 700 ads by vegans, vegetarians and animal-rights supporters who are looking for partners, friends and events.
Vegan Singles Club
Find vegan singles who want to meet, date, socialize and develop friendships with like-minded vegan singles. Learn how to place an ad.
Jewish Vegan Lifestyle
Organization endorsing the Jewish vegan lifestyle provides FAQs, an events list, a restaurant guide and a recipe archive.
Lyra's Veganism Page
Practicing vegan provides a short article on the meat and dairy industry, and discusses the benefits of a meat-free diet.
SoyStache Vegan Recipes
Find a small archive of vegan recipes for oatmeal, casseroles, hummus and soups.
Vegan Recipes - Pumpkin Pie
Make a delicious and healthy pumpkin pie that includes tofu and fresh pumpkin puree. Lists ingredients and instructions.
VegSource Recipes
Resource features a large list of recipes for vegan and vegetarian food that have been submitted by Internet users.
Vegan Rella
Specializes in a cheese alternative that's 100% non-dairy and comes in cheddar and mozzarella. Find out about its shelf life and its ingredients.
Vegan Mailing List
Find out how to subscribe to the list, read the posting rules, or access the archives, which include recipes and advice.
Vegan Straight Edge
Proponent of the vegan, smoke and alcohol-free lifestyle shares his thoughts on the general population. Includes diet advice.
Indonesian Vegan Society
Learn about being a vegan in Indonesia. Get recipes or discover the benefits of membership.
Vegan Mania
Christa offers tips and tricks about vegan cookery. Find recipes for beverages, side dishes and entrees or explore by ingredient.
Vegan Wares - Belts, Wallets and Purses
Australia-based company offers shoes, boots, bags and other items made of environmentally safe materials. Order a triple wallet or a clip purse. - Vegetarian and Vegan Parenting
Features articles and advice on different aspects of raising children on vegetarian and vegan diets.
Veggie Heaven - Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes
Find loads of vegetarian and vegan recipes organized by ingredient and course.
Vegan Street
Read tips on how to stock your kitchen for vegan cooking. Also features articles and recipes.
Vegan/Vegetarian Tea
Collection includes recipes for anti-stress tea, hibiscus cooler, Mom's iced tea, Chai, Russian tea, and Thai iced tea.
Vegan/Vegetarian Hot Beverages
Collection includes hot chocolate and cocoa, hot cider, hot holiday apple punch, a cozy mug of soy, and a hot vegetable brew.
Vegan/Vegetarian Hot Cider
Spice up this nonalcoholic cider with oranges, whole cloves, and cinnamon sticks, and heat in a large saucepan for several hours.
Stanford Vegan Action
Student group dedicated to health, environmental protection, and the ethical treatment of animals provides related resources and recipes.
Vegetarian Times - A Low-Fat, Vegan Cheesecake
Adapts a recipe for lemon-tofu cheesecake. Find out how the author developed the recipe.
Vegan Cooking - Tofu Fingers
Start with a block of extra-firm tofu to make this snack, and season it with Shake and Bake, and a flavorful marinade.
Vegan Cooking - Spinach Lasagna
Vegetarian lasagna calls for frozen chopped spinach, tofu, a large onion, and seasoning. Add the white sauce after a couple of hours.
Vegan Cooking - Sweet Baby Carrots
Liven up some frozen baby carrots with margarine, brown sugar, and maple syrup.
Cool Vegan Stuff
Resource site that shows where to get vegan products like vegan shoes, boots, and accessories, with a focus on styles and fashion.
Vegetarian Journal - Wheat-Free Vegan Pancakes
Features a number of recipes for wheat-free vegan pancakes. Also includes tips for making perfect pancakes.
Vegan Wares
Owned and operated by vegans, this Australian business supplies vegan shoes to the world. Features shoes, sandals, boots and vegan Dr.Martens.
Vegan Recipes - Plamil Foods Ltd
Contains recipes for such Vegan foods as spinach soup, sweet corn pie and carob clusters.
Vegan and Raw Food Recipes - Uncooked Soups
Provides instructions for making a variety of raw soups such as cilantro soup and the "ultimate Gazpacho."
Natural Health - A Vegan Thanksgiving Feast For All
Get recipes for a complete vegan holiday meal that include such dishes as cranberry soup and winter squash stuffed with wild grains.
Pangea - Vegan Products
Shop for meat and dairy alternatives, sweets, baking mixes and condiments. - Vegan Pancakes
Containing no refined sugar, this recipe can be sweetened with honey or fruit preserves. Find serving suggestions, or email an inquiry.