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"On the Rocks" I like Johnnie Walker Red, Malibu Coconut Rum, Tequila, and I will have a Double gin Martini hold the vermouth and top with gin. But a top doctor told me to "add lots of water". The water will not diminish the intoxication, but will restore your pH, as alcohol is an acid and needs to be neutralized, that way you can last longer and drink more. ALSO beware that Alcohol is a sugar, so reduce your other sugar intake if you drink (good idea anyway); and eat Legumes (beans) and or Pasta before you drink (to counter balance the high glycemic index of alcohol and high glycemic foods (alcohol, sodas, fries, watermellon, gator aid) which make you weak and weary an hour later; while the low glycemic foods such as beans and pasta give you energy for a longer time, so that when the sugar of alcohol subsides, you will have enough energy to keep going (instead of weak and weary collapse). When you drink, drink water before, during, and after you drink; and eat low glycemic foods such as beans, soy, pasta (a bar would be smart to serve these foods with lots of water, as it would make their customers feel better and spend more time at their bar, and they should also sell packets with 500 mg of B Vitamins (keeps you happy, and alcohol tends to burn up B vitamins faster, and most people dont get enough anyway, so serve B vitamins, especially for parties) and get 100 mg/daily of "5-HTP" (serotonin for the brain) lack of which causes confusion and anger, and lets add a 5,000 mcg of B-12 tablet to the packet, one packet 3 things. See my article on Mental Health (menu above). {Don't drink and drive, even drinking at home can be dangerous, people fall over and hurt themselves; out on the town I might have one drink, if its strong I drink half or less, just due to sugar alone, if you need sugar eat fruit, alcohol does kill germs and helps clean} and eat some Pasta (or Beans if you drink alone); Marathon Runners eat Pasta for large City Marathons or Beans for smaller Cross Country marathons The Doctors daughter, also a top doctor told me to drink wine. Do ballance your pH, see pH article, and see my article on glycemic index (menu above) This page AND
Get some whiskey, or rum or vodka, and pour one ounce into a cup, use a cotton swab, soak it in the alcohol, and clean out the back of your nostrils, then the front after doing the back, then use the other side of the swab to repeat, then use another swab for the other nostril, the repeat that; THEN do the same thing with each ear, way deep, sort of deep, not too deep; you can also splash some on your eyelids, and you can also breathe deep over a straight stiff drink so that you deeply inhale alcohol, then you can gargle with it, then you can mix it with water, and sniff it thru your nose, and even use a disposable paper towel on your, just pour it. THEN read this
BUT get lots of water, extra B vitamins, and low glycemic foods such as Pasta and Beans
Early Times (cheap) is vegetarian vegan ok
or if you prefer? Capt Morgan or Jack Daniels or Johnnie Walker are all vegan ok

DRINKING ALCOHOL: Safer Intoxication
(vegetarian vegan OK alcohol listed further below)
FOR ALL PEOPLE: You don't have to give up drinking, all you have to learn is, you need to pH balance all that alcohol with lots of water. It's not going to diminish your Intoxication. You may want to sober up sometime, but that is not the point here. I am talking about pH and Acidity, and how you can still get really intoxicated and still maintain a better pH (pH is the key to good physical and mental health). (and by the way, people who drink tend to need more B Vitamins, so do elderly people, and so do some people who have stomach linings which don't absorb B Vitamins as well as other people, and vegetarians too also need more B Vitamins, when it comes down to it, everyone could use a B Vitamin supplement, daily, but back to the Main point, pH is the key to health, and Alcohol can damage your pH, unless you balance it out with lots of water. Please read on. (and Vegan OK alcohol link below)
BACKGROUND: some people get intoxicated often, and have no apparent problem with it, while other people get a bit intoxicated, and have all sorts of Social ills, and or Health issues. People who are on a high pH diet (mainly they drink lots of WATER in general) tend to have less drinking problems and less health problems, while people who drink other liquids instead, such as low pH Sodas, or Coffee, or Orange Juice or Grapefruit Juice, have a lower, unhealthy level of pH.. I once gave a ride to this guy going to an AA Meeting. He had a six pack of Soda with him. I tried to explain to him "there's your trouble", but he wouldn't listen to me, oh well.
The SAFE level of pH is 5.0 to 9.0, with the body trying to maintain a 7.4 pH, and water being typically a 7.0 pH (most foods you consume are from pH 4.5 to pH 6.5. You can mix substances, and blend the pH. Most alcohols are pH 3, and water is pH 7 (but it takes a whole lot of pH 7 to raise the pH 3, a lot more than just 50/50). If you mix a bit of pH 3 with a lot of pH 7, you can raise it to pH 5 or even pH 5.5, within the Safe Level.

If you have a.....
Glass of Wine, you are getting a whole glass of pH 3, and a small amount of alcohol (dangerous to your pH).
Shot of Bourbon, small shot of pH 3, and a small amount of alcohol (less dangerous). 
Beer, a large can of pH 4, and a small amount of alcohol
Beer is the only alcohol which is pH 4, everything else is pH 3, but beer harbors Yeast which lives in your intestine, and causes a beer belly. (Nearly as dangerous, not much intoxication, and potential yeast problems.  Don't get me wrong, I have a beer in the frig, I am just trying to help, read on).
IF, you take that Bourbon (or Scotch, Rum, Tequila, Vodka, Gin, or any 80 Proof or higher), and measure out a shot or even 2 shots, into a 16 oz drinking glass (or larger), then fill it with Water pH 7, then you have a reasonable amount of Alcohol, at a safe level of pH (well above pH 5).

The Water will not diminish your intoxication, it will not diminish the alcohol, it is still the same amount of one or two shots, which ever you poured, it is still the same. They teach bartenders and servers, that if you give water to a very intoxicated person, it will NOT sober them up, nor even speed up the process of sobering up. But it Will raise their pH, and will make them feel better, and will affect their health and their body in a positive way, and you will be less likely to get trouble from them, and they are less likely to get trouble from other people. Sometimes they suggest Coffee, but Coffee is a lower pH than water, it does have some caffeine, which will help keep a person awake, but water will raise their pH.
WARNING: Soda (any type of soda, root beer, Pepsi, Coca Cola, tonic water, Dr Pepper, Mountain Dew), it is all pH 3, deadly stuff, don't mix it with your booze, because it won't raise the pH
"When you incline to drink Rum, fill the Glass half with Water." -Ben Franklin "Writings" by Ben Franklin pg 1286 Vintage Press
(quite frankly, I would advise to add more than a half glass of water, you can still have the half glass of Rum, just add it to a couple of glasses of water).
Take an 8 oz glass of water, and measure in a half teaspoon of Baking Soda, and stir it for one minute (not to just mix it, but the 1 minute will allow time for it to Chemically React, then the product will be a pH 8.4, which is within the safe zone of pH 5 to pH 9, and well above water and the foods you consume, and will help balance out your pH. Drinking or not, I would suggest a "Sodium Bicarbonate" (Baking Soda in Water) around once or twice a week.

Your pH is ESSENTIAL to OPTIMUM Health.
Low pH (which is typical) causes, weight gain, more likelihood of disease (colds, flues, cancer, etc, etc on down the line). A Hospital is a pH Machine, they drag people in there and up their pH. How do the doctors avoid getting sick themselves? pH.   And socially, "Acid Diet denotes Acid Personality", that's why so many drinkers are difficult to deal with.  But show me a drinker who limits their low pH substances, and drinks lots of extra water, and I will show you a pleasant drinker, who gets along with people.   


Dont get me wrong, I love good wine, and wine is the key to romance, but do drink lots of extra water, should you be drinking wine (Gallo is a much better brand, they got their act together, while Livingstone is not very good.  For good Wine suggestings, check out Consumer Reports online ($24/yr)   They have a great article on suggested brands, but in general, your better off drinking moderate and measured amounts of High Proof (1 or 2 oz in a tall glass) and fill it up with water, AND follow that with more water (it will no diminish your intoxication, it will only make you feel better).

Read my main article on pH

says Johnnie Walker and Bacardi are Vegan OK, but does not all the brands listed that other sites have (further below)


Sutter Home White Zinfandel is no longer a vegan product
possibly some of the other items on my lists? I don't updated them often
SO: I would check with the above links to

Vegan OK Products www.VEGAN has changed their name to Archure has backed up their original info at listed as Vegan OK: Becks Beer, Miller, Budweiser Lager. Jack Danials, Smirnoff's, Malibu (flavored rum), Metaxa (a favorite & Greek), Popov Vodka, Sapphire Gin, Singleton Whisky, Southern Comfort, and Sutter Home Zinfandel Wine (but not Sutter Home White Zinfandel, typo corrected, it used to be on the list (I have a copy of a previous list, it was on the list but is no longer vegan), all as Vegan OK (no harm done to your fellow animals, no animal products or byproducts involved), and obviously, these are the best products (Becks surpases Heinekin).

links to
which links to Vegan OK alcohol carried by Safeway (VONS)

And then there is

One of these had a list just like VeganStandards, but I did not see Sutter Home White Zin on the list, nor Budwiswer nor Mataxa, but the list did confirm Jack Danials, Malibu, Southern Comfort, Smirnoffs (more later, this page being updated currently April 30, 2009, more later),and lists some new additions such as Jose Cuervo (sp?) and I just love Tequila, have to get some of that.

I also read along the way that Whole Foods Markets stock Organic Vegan Wines (one brand says Vegan on the lable, but they were out of stock, Salesman Kenny (Las Vegas Blvd in Las Vegas) looked it up for me and found FREY Naturual White Wine (organic) and Frey Syrah orgainic wine (red) listed above showes as

Texas Vegan Wines 

Ste. Genevieve 
Peregrine Hill (owned by Ste. Genevieve) 
Messina Hof 
Flat Creek Estates (white wines only are vegan) 
(Fall Creek is NOT vegan)
Organic Vegan Wines 

Note: Organic wines are not necessarily vegan. 

Frey Vineyards (openly promote their wines as vegan) 
Fetzer (some are organic) white wines only are vegan (some red vintages are vegan) 

The Organic Wine Works (some vegan ) Look at Whole Foods Market, 
Organic Wine Works vegan wines say "Vegan" or "Vegan Man!" on the label! 
Other Vegan Wines 

Yellow Tail red wine from Australia is fast becoming a very popular wine 
widely available in the U.S. Yellow Tail white wines are not vegan because 
they use gelatin in the finishing process. 
Peter Lehmann (Red wines only are vegan) 
La Cantina wines from Australia 
Kokopelli Wines (currently only available in Arizona, 
or online 
Vegan Champagne 

Dom Perignon Champagne 
Moet & Chandon Champagne 

Vegan Port 

All ports, except crusted port, are fined using gelatin. 
Port is a fortified wine blended with spirits and is usually not vegan. 
However, we found one slightly pricey (at $26 a bottle) organic vegan port,
 Casal dos Jordoes Port available at selected sources such as The Organic Wine

Vegan Beer 
(they don't list Becks, everyone else does and everyone lists Miller)

Beers are processed in many of the same ways as wine, often using isinglass 
to filter the end product. 

Heineken (no one else lists Heineken)
Miller Brewing Company (all beers vegan) 
Samuel Adams (except for the varieties that contain honey) 
Shiner (except for the varieties that contain honey) 

Vegan spirits 

Grand Marnier 
Jack Daniel's 
Jim Beam Bourbon 
Malibu Rum 
Southern Comfort 
Skyy Vodka 
Smirnoff Vodka 
Gilbey's Gin 
Sapphire Gin 
Jose Cuervo Tequila 

J&B Rare Whisky (also J&B Scotch Whisky) is no longer listed as a Vegan product

and Don't Drink and Drive (Drink and have Sex, Safe Sex)