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Religion versus Human Sexuality
World Law: UDHR Article 18: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to CHANGE his religion or belief, and freedom, EITHER ALONE or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion OR BELIEF in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Lying, Masturbation, Murder, Missing Mass, Cunnilingus, Contraception, Abortion, Fornication, Divorce, Homosexual actions, Endangering (speeding ticket), Idolatry (sloth), Lying, Gluttony, etc.....
did you know? FORNICATION: defined at wikipedia as "consensual sexual intercourse between two people not married to each other" including premarital sex,

The bad news is, everyone is in violation with The Church, Jesus, and God.
The good news is, The Church, does not own Jesus, The Church does not own God.
Your Priest is Not Jesus, your Priest is Not God.
Legally, you don't have to go to church UDHR 18 (above)


You may follow your choice: Jesus, Christianity, Islam, Buddha, Judaism, Krishna, The Light, or Your Beliefs, in your own heart without having to be a member of a Church. The Church was created 200 years after Jesus. The ideas and the opinions of The Church, are probably not the ideas nor opinions of Jesus.....

My Beliefs:
I was taught to pray, we had Russian religious Icons, but my family did not go to church? friends of the family offered to take me to church, but it was all in Russian, but my friends told me what to do, confess that I was angry with my mother, eat the bread, and drink the wine (sometimes extra bread). But I did not realize the long list of sins, especially versus and contrary to natural human sexuality, especially before puberty? what did I know? But I enjoyed being around Russians, my family had lots of Russian friends, I am part Russian. But then age 11 my family sent me to a Quaker school for 2 years (very Liberal), a new perspective in religion and politics. I enjoyed Quakerism, but did not remain a Quaker when I was not allowed to attend the Yearly Meeting due to low finances, even though they had agreed to let me attend anyway, they forgot, and kicked me out in very rude fashion. I am probably more Quakerly than most of them. Ben Franklin was married to a Quaker but not a Quaker himself. Ben Franklin was a vegetarian, but Quakers are not a vegetarian religion.
I am assuming that my family did not go to church due to the long list of impossible to follow rules, you either lie and say you follow all the rules all the time, or are guilty of eternal sin, or don't follow that path. What is a Christian anyway? someone who can break all the rules yet point the finger at someone else who can't, by your rules. It sounds kind of stupid to me.
I realize that human sexuality is only natural for all people and contrary to the laws of the Christian church. I realize the religious laws were written by women who had no knowledge or concern about men's health. I have read UDHR 18 and realize I have the right to Change my religion or belief, and follow my personal beliefs in private. I have read UDHR 2 and realize this is law, the USA signed it in 1948 and every U.S. President since. I am a vegetarian vegan, it is the only moral alternative, there is no excuse except ignorance. I pity the ignorant. The Church is not vegetarian. The church is not celibate and in violation of their own anti sex rules, it is unnatural and harmful to males to not ejaculate (wrecks the endocrine system, leads to death); but church law has it that everyone has sinned due to sex by age 18; and priests sin all the time, grave mortal eternal unforgivable sin. Thanks to my in college studies I learned that religion is a haven for criminals, and is totally tied in with crime, and religion is oppressive of human sexuality, you should not oppress the "psychological id" ie natural instincts, but you still need some "psychological ego" ie. coming to respectable terms with society, so for this reason. I follow Karma. "What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others" -Confucius. Sure I believe in Jesus, he was real, but he did not start the church (200 years later), and he was male, and probably enjoyed sex. See his astrological chart but you shall not use his name for threatening others, killing others, or the eating of flesh (without asking him first), do it in the name of Larry. I knew the Reagans when I was a kid, they were astrologers. The early Church used astrology, the 3 Wise Men were astrologers. To me, watching the stars is not evil, nor is sex, "Sex is Good" -Dr Ruth Westheimer, but killing animals for their flesh is evil; we have to get our priorities straight. Is my opinion.
/wch/ BAS AMT; AAS EET; AS CIM; AA FAM; magna cum laude

Who is your priest? What are the qualifications for priesthood? Where did he go to school? Did he graduate? Was he ever arrested? What does he do with children? What kind of food does he eat? What kind of food does he insist you eat? (at the end of Easter you have been fasting thru Lent, no meat, no dairy, no honey, then they tell you, this is the way you are supposed to be, you are not supposed to break the fast, but nearly all do). Is your priest involved with crime? Is he guilty of Grave/Mortal Sin? YOU BET HE IS, HE IS GUILTY OF GRAVE/MORTAL SIN just as much as anyone else he condemns.
Notice that Molestation nor playing with each other (or what ever they do) is not on the list? They pretend as if they are free of their own list of sins. EVERYONE has Masturbated (as per the head of the psych dept Saddleback College Mission Viejo CA), all men and all women; despite previous studies of people who would not admit to it. EVERYONE. And even then, how many people have over eaten, over drank, lied, has everyone lied? No matter how you slice it, EVERYONE IS GUILTY OF GRAVE MORTAL SIN, ESPECIALLY YOUR PRIEST AND RELIGIOUS CULT LEADERS.

Did your priest drop out of Harvard to become a priest? or did he drop out of jail?

500,000 people were tortured into confessing to flying on broomsticks and burned alive by The Church between 1400-1600

There is also evidence of Witch Burning in the world Today, in Kenya, in the USA, often in association with Laurel trees. They burn them and eat them. That's why you don't want to cut it close, go vegetarian. When someone points the finger at someone and accuses them of SIN, perhaps they are hungry. You tell them they have sinned too, GRAVE MORTAL UNFORGIVABLE ETERNAL SIN, according to those rules. The problem is, 70% of the USA swears by those rules when they don't even know they are Guilty of GRAVE MORTAL UNFORGIVABLE ETERNAL SIN. So if you want to get REAL, study up and quit the Church its your legal option.

LOOK AT THESE PICTURES OF HELL listed at Wikipedia, closely, click on the pictures to view them close. Maybe 50% of them involve cooking people in pots or burning the directly with fire and eating them. They say that's ok because those people sinned

During communion they say "In drinking this wine, you drink his blood; in eating this bread you eat his flesh", what kind of religion is this?

You know what is right and wrong, or you should, if you can't understand that, you should not drive a car

The Church has most everyone in serious violation to their rules and insists that everyone on the planet must follow their rules or be in violation. Their rules are impossible for mankind to not violate. Sex is natural, not a sin. By adulthood, everyone is bound for Hell according to The Church. That is 100% of adults. So the Church creates a situation where everyone has offended them, offended Jesus, offended God, and everyone is in trouble and in danger with The Church. Was that the word of Jesus? I don't think so. Jesus was male, Jesus probably enjoyed sex.

In studying Human Sexuality, in college. I learned that a woman is capable of having sex frequently, 10 times per day, or go for 30 years without sex, and then be able to have sex again. While a man MUST have sex from every 24 hours to every 100 hours, or 3.5 times per week, every 48 hours; but if a man goes for a long time without sex (a hetero in the military, especially a double hitch), he can not ever get it up again. He can not have sex.

REALITY of Nature: "A man's testicles begin to manufacture sperm at the time of puberty and produce 50,000 sperm per minute, every minute of every hour, well into old age. -Dr Ruth Westheimer's Encyclopedia of Sex (the web site has been down? but its also in her book "Dr Ruth Westheimer's Encyclopedia of Sex")

Term: LIBIDO = desire for sex

Hypo-active Sexual Desire Disorder (low libido dysfunction) is potentially curable in females, but hopelessly incurable in males (that's official, there might be a way around it? but not officially). Based on this info from college, I think WHO EVER MADE UP THESE ANTI SEX RULES MUST HAVE BEEN A FEMALE. A female can go for 30 years without sex and still be able to have sex again, a male can not go a few years without sex and retain his ability to have sex. In general, 35% of women and 16% of men have low libido dysfunction. For women it is curable using female hormones and serotonin/neurotransmitters such as non-drowsy 5-HTP 100 mg and or L-Tryptophan (sleep for a few days)

Human Sexuality, Psych 5 class notes and further studies

GRAVE/MORTAL SIN: Masturbation
WIKIPEDIA QUOTE: The Merck Manual gives the following statistics: 97% of men and 80% of women have masturbated. It also states that, generally speaking, males masturbate more than females and that the act of masturbation may affect a person negatively due to the disapproving views of others.[31]

Masturbation is considered normal when performed by children,[32] even in early infancy.[27] In 2009, the UK Government joined the Netherlands and other European nations in encouraging teens to masturbate at least daily. An orgasm was defined as a right in its health pamphlet. This was done in response to data and experience from the other EU member states to reduce teen pregnancy and STIs (STDs), and to promote healthy habits.[33]

In the book Human Sexuality: Diversity in Contemporary America, by Strong, Devault and Sayad, the authors point out, "A baby boy may laugh in his crib while playing with his erect penis". "Baby girls sometimes move their bodies rhythmically, almost violently, appearing to experience orgasm." Italian gynecologists Giorgio Giorgi and Marco Siccardi observed via ultrasound a female fetus possibly masturbating and having what appeared to be an orgasm.

Human Sexuality/Psych 5 class in college:
Despite the statistics from 1954, this is something that EVERYONE HAS DONE, even paraplegics manage to rub against the mattress. Women sit with one leg over the other and shake their leg, unconsciously stimulating themselves. All as per Robert Ferguson Phd head of Psychology dept at Saddleback College. By Adulthood, EVERYONE is Guilty of Grave/Mortal Sin, including Priests. When a male does not have sex anymore, he becomes incapable of having sex, and his voice goes up high. Yes I have heard a few priests with high voices, but they used to. And many of these priests with deep voices, denoting some sort of sexual behavior; and "Lying" is a Grave/Mortal Sin.

The only sex allowed is married sex, not per-marital sex. AND; someone has now removed Cunnilingus from the Grave Mortal list at Wikipedia, as if that is OK? Lesbians may enter Heaven, everyone else is bound for Hell? Who took that out? A Nun? Cunnilingus was on the Wikipedia list of Grave Mortal Sins prior to January 2013. AGAIN; WHO EVER WROTE THE RULES WAS FEMALE.

I doubt that Jesus would have sent someone to hell for eternity for unmarried sex, premarital sex, divorce, missing church, or laziness, etc. They are all bound for Hell by their own rules, is that what religion is for? If you have any morals, quit the Church, they condone violence against animals claiming animals feel no pain, they are evil. AND.....

500,000 people were tortured into confessing to flying on broomsticks and burned alive by The Church between 1400-1600

The Psychological "Id" is the basic instincts: drinking water, eating food, using the restroom, sex; and these basic instincts should not be oppressed by others, else you get negative consequences. And oppression of Human Sexuality is what the Churches are doing, and it has very negative consequences.,_ego_and_super-ego

Catholic and Orthodox Churches have long oppressed Human Sexuality (most religions do oppress human sexuality), which is damaging to the psychological "Id" the basic instincts which results in negative social complications.
Consider that Man is an Animal
Consider it is only natural for any animal to have sex.

While I appreciate that someone is concerned about morals (are they really? an animal feels no pain? we are not animals? Altar Boys? morals?), and the lovely religious Artworks and Music, the nice ceremonies, the well meaning biblical passages; when it comes down to it, most everyone 99 percent, has seriously violated the rules and is in Grave/Mortal Danger with The Church.

Many church goers don't even realize, till they are wrapped up in the Church for many years; then they find out they are going to Hell by their own rules, which they did not fully understand... One way or the other, they have most everyone bound for Hell, and claim they have a right to bother these people. Is that what you want out of Religion?

Meanwhile, most people are trapped in Religion, not realizing the eventual doom
USA: 76% Christians, 4% other religions (just as bad), 20% non-religious or don't know

Well they didn't realize, it was not clear, and no one follows that or who would go to Church? Well at some point they will turn on YOU; and You will become the enemy of Jesus, the enemy of God. Get out while you can. Pray to God on your own, impress God.

REALITY of Nature: "A man's testicles begin to manufacture sperm at the time of puberty and produce 50,000 sperm per minute, every minute of every hour, well into old age. -Dr Ruth Westheimer's Encyclopedia of Sex

REALITY of Nature: A man should have an ejaculation every 1 to 4 days, should average at least every 48 hours or 3.5 times a week, while a woman is more variable, can go for long lengths with no sex or have sex way more frequently

(Libido = desire for sex)
REALITY of Nature: Low Libido Dysfunction is potentially curable in females, but not in males; if a male goes too long with not enough sex, he looses any potential for future sex

REALITY of Nature: The Sex Organ Glands are part of a chain/circle of glands called the Endocrine system, one gland sends signals to the next, in a large circle; gland stimulation is needed to continue the cycle of gland interaction needed for life. If part of this system is gone or non-functional, the body begins to break down, leading to eventual death.

Who is your priest? What are the qualifications for priesthood? Where did he go to school? Did he graduate? Was he ever arrested? What kind of food does he eat? What kind of food does he insist you eat? What does he wear underneath that robe? What does he do for children? Is he guilty of Grave/Mortal Sin?
Notice that Molestation nor playing with each other (or what ever they do) is not on the list?

Did your priest drop out of Harvard to become a priest? or did he drop out of jail?

REALITY: Contrary to the claims of The Church: In sipping the wine, you did not drink his blood, in eating the bread you did not eat his flesh; and burnt offerings, no thank you Sickos, I am a vegetarian. I think the Church has long been a Meat Industry side project to force the evil on everyone, the evil of what they do to animals. You have had a pet dog or a pet cat? do animals feel pain? You are an animal too. Would you do that to another? They hide the slaughter from you, then you eat the sin, you become the sin, then they have you trapped, their victim.

REALITY of Science: Contrary to The Church, a fish is an animal, you are an animal, your an Ape with a large head and less body hair, humans followed gorillas and preceded chimpanzees (the latest in God's Creatures, God's improvement on us all). You are the missing link

Well, many people didn't know that? The Church is a trap for common ignorance

WHO SAYS JESUS WAS AGAINST SEX? Jesus was male? Jesus probably enjoyed sex (even if Jesus was a woman, Jesus probably enjoyed sex

Regarding Astrology: the 3 Wise Men were astrologers

At some point, most people 99% have violated these Christian Rules.
ON THE LIST FOR MORTAL SINS straight to Hell if your Catholic etc:
GRAVE/MORTAL SIN: Masturbation

Despite the statistics, this is something that everyone has done, even paraplegics manage to rub against the mattress. Women sit with one leg over the other and shake their leg, unconsciously stimulating themselves. All as per Robert Ferguson Phd head of Psychology dept at Saddleback College. By Adulthood, everyone is Guilty of Grave/Mortal Sin.

Kinsey 1954: 92% men, 62% women; but the actual percentages much higher, 100% according to professor Bob Ferguson, head of Psychology Dept at Saddleback College, Mission Viejo CA)

"In the West, masturbation in private or with a partner is generally considered a healthy and normal part of sexual enjoyment, as various health authorities have expressed in leaflets and in their policies. Animal masturbation has been observed in many species, both in the wild and in captivity"

In the USA, it is total taboo for a man to admit to; while a woman can, brag about, wave, and parade her vibrator all day and night. (Even though 99% of men have, the other 1% are liars and men with no arms and no legs, but even they can and do rub on the bed (learned in psychology class in college)

Dr Ruth Westheimer says...... Everyone needs a sexual outlet. In an ideal world, that outlet would come in the form of a spouse. But many people, for whatever reason, cannot find a permanent partner or even a series of irregular partners. That they end up taking their sexual frustrations out on others should not come as too big of a surprise. Given outlets for this sexual energy -- and erotica assists greatly for one such outlet, masturbation -- these people end up having better control over themselves. (Sex for Dummies by Dr. Ruth Westheimer page 325)

Masturbation is considered good by the experts in psychology

However, but keep this and any form of sex Private please; you must conform with society (the psychological "ego" conforms the "id" to society rules, one does not have sex in public, one finds a private place to have sex, but then again, there is no privacy, especially with snooping Christians (and other religions); and scientists study our next nearest relatives (Gorillas and Chimps) for behavior patterns just like ours (embarrassingly identical), and they all have sex in public, they don't hide, so eventually society might turn around on that.

"Fornication" def "consensual sexual intercourse between two people not married to each other" including premarital sex,,

Premarital Sex, Males: (1954 data)
67-98%, depending on socioeconomic level.
68% by age 18 had experienced premarital coitus, (p. 549-52, and Table 136, p. 550, Male).
Premarital Sex, Females:
about 50%, (p. 286, and Table 75, p. 333 and Table 79, p. 337, Female).

It is only natural for people to have sex. Humans are animals, and animals have sex, its the natural thing to do, not an evil (unless the population gets out of control, then it can get pretty wicked, so use birth control please)

I am embarrassed to say, I never knew what Fornication was till I looked it up at wikipedia recently, that is what that famous preacher resigned for, he had "Fornicated" (he said sobbing, probably realizing what he had been missing all these years? me too)

GRAVE/MORTAL SIN: "Divorce" (Winter 2013 someone went in and added exceptions, which they probably think they qualify for and will find out different later, my guess)

Just cant win can ya?

GRAVE/MORTAL SIN: Homosexual acts

Many priests are Gay, but they always sweet talk some Exception for the manner in which they do it. No one else can have sex except them, because they do it in some way that they consider proper, but they wont come out and say this in church will they? Only in defense. They have masturbated, they know they have, I know they have because my professor says everyone has (by adult age). And it is Taboo to talk about, especially for males, but that does not let them off the hook.

"Homosexual acts" (7% were born that way, not me, but it does not sound evil to me, Im just not attracted to men, personally)/ 7% born that way, another 8% choose to be that way, and another 8% used to choose to be that way, summing around 25%, while 50% have tried it (and I think its quite common in the Church Priests, certainly more common than in society)

GRAVE/MORTAL SIN: "Cunnilingus" (was on the wikipedia list thru Jan 2013, just got edited out? Im sure it is still a grave/mortal sin. Some lesbian must have removed it (I personally feel that cunnilingus is not evil if its clean).

Percentage of males who said they had performed cunnilingus:
before marriage about 10% (1954 data)
in marriage 48.9% (Tables 207, p. 256 and Table 322, p. 371, Kinsey Data, College Sample)

Percentage of females who said they had performed fellatio:
before marriage, 19.1%
in marriage 45.5% (Table 208, p. 257 and 323, p. 372, Kinsey Data, College Sample)

Percentage of males who reported experiencing homosexual fellatio, with climax, at least once:
14% had performed fellatio
30% had received fellatio (p. 373, Male)

GRAVE/MORTAL SIN: Abortion (any formal cooperation in it)
GRAVE/MORTAL SIN: Contraceptives
Your just an Ape with a large head
Birth Control Methods

It's a Woman's Choice, I would not trust the Church telling people what to do, The Church is against vegetarianism; if they don't have the morals to be a vegetarian or the sense to realize animal sufferings (animals feel pain, just like you, you are an animal too), then how can they have the morals to decide and force their opinions upon all of women-kind within their reach? It's a woman's choice, but there are way too many humans on the planet

GRAVE/MORTAL SIN: Deliberate failure to go to mass on holy days of obligation unless excused for a serious reason (for example illness or to care for infants) or dispensed by one's own pastor

World Law: UN UDHR Article 18: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to CHANGE his religion or belief, and freedom, EITHER ALONE or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion OR BELIEF in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

Many acts of sex (oral, straight, gay.....) are naturally practiced by people in a study over 50 years ago, when Homosexuality was illegal and people were afraid to admit to various types of sex acts, the experts conclude that the numbers shown were not as high as the real situation and truth.

see quote above, and quote below
Dr Ruth Westheimer says "It's pornography for me only when it involves violence or children"

"....and erotica assists greatly for one such outlet, masturbation -- these people end up having better control over themselves." (Sex for Dummies by Dr. Ruth Westheimer page 325)

GRAVE/MORTAL SIN: Prostitution "While it is always gravely sinful to engage in prostitution, the imputability of the offense can be attenuated by destitution, blackmail, or social pressure."

Dr Ruth Westheimer says..... In my opinion, prostitution should be made legal everywhere in the United States, not just Nevada. I held that opinion before the onset of AIDS, and now I believe in it even more. (Sex for Dummies by Dr Ruth Westheimer page 324)

. Dr Ruth Westheimer says..... In ancient times, prostitution was generally accepted; in some cultures it was even linked with religion, as 'temple' or 'sacred' prostitution. Cultures in which prostitution flourished included those of ancient Greece and Rome, Persia, China, and Japan. But while prostitution is legal today in many European countries, in the United States it is outlawed in all states but Nevada. (Encyclopedia of Sex by Dr. Ruth K. Westheimer page 222)

GRAVE/MORTAL SIN: Lying (the gravity is measured by "the truth it deforms, the circumstances, the intentions of the one who lies, and the harm suffered by its victims")

The Church is a place for Liars or the Uniformed, in the long run it can gradually turn the Uniformed into Liars; when they find out all the sins that lead to hell; what can they do but lie or quit?; one way or the other, they are all bound for Hell by their own rules, is that what religion is for?

False allegations
"Deliberate failure to go to mass on Sunday",
"Gluttony" (also on the list of 613 Jewish commandments #169. A simple meal and desert at Claim Jumper)
"Endangering their own and others safety by drunkenness or a love of speed on the road, at sea or in the air" (a speeding ticket will qualify you for Hell); DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE and Don't Fall Over

Divination including Astrology, I Ching, and Tarot (I have seen Tarot at Church Picnics, many times, a friend of the family took me)
"Prediction is Evil; Prophecy is Divine"
The 3 Wise Men were astrologers, does that sound evil? not to me
Refusing or withholding a just wage

QUOTE: * Under "unnatural carnal sins" the next is implied: sodomy, bestiality, masturbation, and any unnatural intercourse between married people (such as using contraceptives, consummated oral or consummated anal intercourse, etc.) as is explained in the book "Ascetical Trials", also written by Saint Ignatius Brianchaninov (1807 - 1867). :UNQUOTE
Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are fornication, uncleanness, immodesty, luxury, Idolatry, witchcrafts, enmities, contentions, emulations, wraths, quarrels, dissensions, sects, Envies, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like. Of the which I foretell you, as I have foretold to you, that they who do such things shall not obtain the kingdom of God. -Galatians 5:19-21 in the Douai-Rheims Bible

more and more Sin, see the incomplete but long list at......

The list does not mention the devouring of Flesh. Who's side are they on?
Hindu's are vegetarian, they do not consume Flesh; however, they do not allow males to have sex past age 50 (while the world of psychology says it is healthy and normal for many people to have sex well into their 90's (possibly beyond? I will find out when I get there, I hope so, I like sex, I think Fornication is good, and the psychology professors in major universities agree)

MUSIC by ARCHURE It is of my opinion that the MORTAL SINS doctrine is very rude and evil to all of the World, way more evil than quite a few items on the list. I think they can go to their own Hell.

If you believe in Jesus, or what ever your religion is, you have the legal option and legal choice and may follow Jesus in your own heart without having to fall victim to the evils in The Church, I think Jesus would understand (same with the other religions which oppress people).

World Law: UN UDHR Article 18: Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to CHANGE his religion or belief, and freedom, EITHER ALONE or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion OR BELIEF in teaching, practice, worship and observance.

500,000 people were tortured into confessing to flying on broomsticks and burned alive by The Chruch between 1400-1600

Notice they worship the symbol of what they did to Jesus, but actually it was not a cross it was a pole

Whose side are you on? Jesus' side? or the side of those who did that to him? because that is the Church, thats what they do

Wicker man, just like Burning man

More Human Sexuality, Dr Ruth Westheimer's Encyclopedia of Sex


My Psychology and Anthropology professors say that Religion is Oppressive of Human Sexuality. They say that those who attend church more often tend to have less sex in their lives. Why?

1) Many priests are Gay men (this is nothing new), and gays have long been oppressed. So in a reverse oppression, they condemn the evils of lust, allowing sex only for procreation.

2) 35% of all women have a low Libido, they have no desire for sex ("Sorry honey, not tonight, I have a headache"). These women often do want to be married, and even have children, but don't really like, enjoy, or want sex. At the same time only 16% of men have a low libido, or no desire for sex, and although it would be convenient if the 16% of men were matched up amongst the 35% of women, it often does not work out that way. Thus the 35% of women with a low libido often seek refuge and protection from their husbands advances, by being avid church goers, being faithful to the lord in abstaining from "sin". So with gay men and low libido women in cooperation, the gay priests defending the low libido women from unwanted advances, and the low libido women defending the gay priests from oppression by straight society, we find the church and congregation strong in unity and strong in community affairs.

3) We live in a world of Aggression and Oppression. Please read my article on "Aggression". Aggression leads to Oppression of others, often extending the oppression to oppression of the "Id" (basic natural instincts).

Proof that Church goers do have less sex, is found in the results of the Russian Revolution of 1917; a terrible tragedy, the Czar was assassinated, and there was a Mass Annihilation of many citizens, something which has been over shadowed and over looked due to World War I. And so too was it a tragedy that those who took over, banned religion from society. However, today, the Russian culture 85 years later, is one of the most sexually liberated cultures in the world. Due to oppressive politics, they are still not as liberated as Sweden or France, but Russia really gets it on from a passionate perspective.

Religion is needed within society. Religion helps people with lessons in morals, making a more cooperative, friendly, helpful, efficient society. Religion helps with the care of the young and the elderly, with the poor, with persons of lower intellect, people with social and psychological problems, people overcoming grief from the death of loved ones. The Church helps welcome newborns into society, and helps establish a sense of equality amongst everyone, rich and poor, young and old. The Church even helps establish a sense of Community and Extended Family in high density population areas such as large cities, where the concepts of "Community" are abandoned (Cities are large lonely places).


A) Religion tends to exclude or repulse a large number of those who enjoy sex, often giving them unneeded psychological complexes about enjoying sex. It is possible to honor any persons right to not want or desire sex, without imposing the idea of sex as evil upon those who do enjoy sex. But those who do not wish sex, are outnumbered, and in order for their rights to be observed, we as society must free ourselves from Aggression and Oppression. (See my article on Aggression).

B) Some Gay Priests are Child Molesters. Child Molestation of young children, or force upon older persons (even force upon adults) is a sin which there is no room for, within the church or without the church.

C) Religion needs to come to terms with Science. If we look far enough (beyond our own noses) we can find correlations, support and agreement between Religion and Science. The World of Science has unearthed religious artifacts, backing the claims of religion, and like wise, religion needs to come to terms with scientific findings, such as the age of mankind, and evolution. Hundreds of years ago, The Church was the Leader in Education and Science, sponsoring intellectuals who studied and dedicated their lives to science and truth. Sometimes their findings were oppressed by the Church, and they were held captive, guarded, and not allowed to socialize with every day citizens. Although it is true that Science often years later finds its self wrong, and makes corrections, there should be a limit to the doubting and oppression's by the Church.

It is only fair for the Church to have doubts towards anything new, and allow time to verify it true or false, but to take a reckless stance such as "Humans did not evolve", that "our ancestors were always Humans", or that one day "God just created everything" (like Steven Hawkings and believers in the Big Bang claim), while I on the other hand, believe that Time is Eternal, will always exist, and has always existed, The Church claims that God created everything at one point. This is due to Humans dissatisfaction with the concept of death, "if we die someday, then the Universe must also die", which is not the case, we will perish, but Time and The Universe will go on, and has always existed.

"God made us in the likeness of him", implies that we are near Gods and that all animals are ours to enslave and eat, and that people of religions other than our own, are to be killed in war for the sin of not being born with our culture.

Now Science is starting to consider that perhaps the Big Bang was perhaps just part of an endless cycle. We also now have photos of galaxies 15 Billion Light Years away, we see what was going on 15 Billion years ago, while just 20 years back they thought the age of the Universe was much less than 15 Billion years, now we have proof that it has been around much longer, and eventually we must realize that time and space are eternal, perhaps we humans will perish, but existence of the universe will continue. The age of the Earth is certainly quite a bit older than the few thousand years which Religion claims. God is not an old man who has a long beard and sits on a throne in the clouds, and can fly without assistance, by using his magical powers. God is not a Human, except that all of us have a bit of God within us, and so do animals. God does not want the Superior Creatures like ourselves to torture, annihilate, and cause suffering to all the other creatures. How can the Church teach morals of equality and justice, and then be so hypocritical to bend the rules so bad as to banish people who don't torture or abuse other animals? Or even preach war amongst ourselves? How hypocritical. No one is perfect, but the Church has a long way to go. But we need the Church within society, so, Get Moving.

The Church needs to come to terms with Science and the realities of Society. The Church is a much needed and good thing, especially if and when it does come to terms with Truth and Science.

Lastly: People of various religions must not fight over whose religion is supreme. If you put Jesus, and Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Thoth, and Ra all together in the same room, at the same table, and let them chat over a nice vegetarian vegan meal, I am certain they would get along quite well and agree about most everything. It is all of their followers who need to learn to be more harmonious, and learn to COEXIST.

(Ra and Thoth wer ancient Egyptian Gods, a culture which lasted and ended only after 10,000 years)

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