Get your Tubes Tied, Vasectomy is permanently painful


Due to Human OVERPOPULATION, Global Warming, and lack of reasonable Drinking Water. Birth Control should be provided by governments for FREE. In fact Tubal Ligation should be Standard-Policy in the early teenage years (except for a small select group of high IQ women volunteers), with the option that any woman who wants to, may opt to override Tubal Ligation with an easy friendly helpful visit to a judge, in order to inform the young woman of her rights and facts of overpopulation etc, at no cost to the woman. This would greatly reduce Overpopulation, lack of reasonable drinkable Water, and Global Warming issues.

Find me an Anti-Abortionist with the Morals to be a Vegetarian Vegan.
Most if not all of these Anti-Abortionists have no morals at all, they just want to control, manipulate, and ruin peoples lives in an overpopulated world.
But its a woman's choice, not theirs.

Eating Meat causes Aggression leading to Bullying

How can YOU have Rights, unless Animals have Rights;
YOU are an Animal too

Your just an Ape with a large head

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GO VEG: they feed farm animals 5 times more food than we get

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World Law UDHR Article 18. Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to CHANGE his religion OR BELIEF, and freedom, either ALONE or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion OR BELIEF in teaching, practice, worship and observance.


Species Estimated number
Sumatran orangutan  6,667
Bornean orangutan  61,234
Western gorilla   200,000
Eastern gorilla     6,000
Common chimpanzee 100,000
Bonobo             10,000
Human       7,405,745,000

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1874 illustration from Anthropogenie showing "very early", "somewhat later" and "still later" stages of embryos of fish (F), salamander (A), turtle (T), chick (H), pig (S), cow (R), rabbit (K), and human (M)
picture is Public Domain

fish (F), salamander (A), turtle (T), chick (H), pig (S), cow (R), rabbit (K), and human (M)