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Get Sexy, Stay Sexy, is Physically and Psychologically Healthier
A Nutritional approach to improved Libido

You should be having sex at least every 48 hours (or more sex in fewer hours). Why? because thats what the experts say (learned in college) and I have the math to prove why Many women have the false (and painful) notion that men must save up sperm for long periods of time, but making 50,000 sperm per min, we think not. Physical Celibacy can be painful and damaging to the endocrine system

16% of Males (one in six) and 35 % of Females (2 in 6, or 1 in 3) have "Low Libido" or low desire for sex, aka, yes they get married and have kids, but in general, it's "not tonight honey I have a headache and I have church in the morning" or in singles social settings "Iím saving myself for Jesus". Sure they want a relationship, but in general sex was made for having children. So my attitude was, let them have a low libido, I will go find a lady with a medium to high libido; but now I find out that Low Libido is considered a disorder or dysfunction and can be curable, except in males who have had a low libido for many years without proper treatment. Everyone else can "Up their Libido". How many Psychologists does it take to screw in a light bulb? Only one, but the lightbulb has to want to change. I'm not going to search you out and say Ah-ha! Get that Libido going! Its up to you.

Yes Virginia, there is a cure for Low Libido (except in males with untreated low libido for many years, and even then?)
QUOTE: "As neurotransmitters and sex hormones have modulatory function on sexual desire, treatment intervention has been evaluated in multiple clinical trials" :UNQUOTE
BOTH GENDERS: 5-HTP 100 mg and DHEA 25 mg or 50 mg
MEN: 50 mg Zinc tabs for men,
WOMEN: Soy products for women (OK for men too)

NEUROTRANSMITTERS: I suggest 100 mg of over the counter "5-HTP" per day for the mind to prevent confusion and anger, 100 mg every day, but it also helps with Libido. more on 5-HTP


MALE: "Testosterone" male hormone is helped by Zinc 50 mg tablets (a plate of West Coast Oysters contains 30 mg Zinc, East Coast Oysters 40 mg Zinc, I am a vegetarian vegan so I get 50 mg tabs and take 2 or 4 per day), I suggest 50 mg to 200 mg per day, and itís good to take a break from Zinc for maybe a week or two every 6 months or every year and eat peanuts at that time (Copper and Zinc); because too much Zinc prevents the absorption of Copper which is needed to make new blood cells and likewise, too much Copper in the diet can prevent the absorption of Zinc (thus limiting ones masculinity). Some who take Zinc with no break, can suffer from old blood. I met a guy like that, he was very masculine, but looked dirty and sickish, and he explained the reason for his condition was he was unable to make enough new blood cells due to, too much Zinc for too long. So if you are aware of that, you can eventually sense when you need to take a break from Zinc, and at that time eat foods high in copper.

FEMALE: "Estrogen" female hormone is found in Soy products, especially Raw Soy (as per a sales guy at Whole Foods), but Soy for certain. Males may continue to eat Soy (but get some Zinc as listed above, women should get some Zinc, 15 mg min for everyone, 22.5 mg - 50 mg is suggested by Shari Lieberman "Real Vitamin and Mineral Book". I am not the expert in Estrogen, your average woman knows more about it, but I think Soy is good, especially combined with a Vegetarian Vegan diet, the best for males as well.

DHEA (good for both genders) etc
DHEA: is a natural hormone found in the tips of Mexican Yams or Caribbean Yams, but a chemist told me the body is not able to fully utilize it out of yams, while getting DHEA in pill form is easy. DHEA is a new over the counter Wonder Drug which helps the hormones, the endocrine system, where one gland sends a message to the next, so if you get any of your glands going, it spurs on the other glands, such as Sex, gets the heart adrenal glands going, and running or exercise gets the heart and adrenal glands going. Melatonin 1 to 5 mg (not every night, take a break sometime) can get the pineal gland going, which is also very good for the mind and body. Iodine (kelp, seaweed, "Kelp tablets 225 mcg Iodine") helps your Thyroid gland, which in turn sends signals to other glands. Avoid overloading your Kidneys with excessive protein (no more than 50 mg women, 75 mg for men, unless youíre in the Olympics), and avoid taxing your Liver with too much sugar and fat, especially sugar (alcohol, candy, sweeteners, read labels) and avoid high glycemic foods such as figs, dates, potatoes, gator aid, candy bars, which give you energy for one hour max then you tremble in weakness unless you consume more gator aid or figs (turns people into diabetics); instead stick with low glycemic foods such as Legumes (beans) and Pasta, both of which give you energy for a longer time; and stick with healthy fats: Extra virgin Olive Oil (best), Olive Oil (next best), Canola Oil (next), but Flax seed oil (need refrigeration) is Omega 3 and very healthy too, good to get that too, avoid: lard, beef tallow, caritas and linguisa and prime rib (heart attack factory), even avoid Corn Oil (I love it but itís bad for you), and Palm Oil (Andrew Weil MD takes a strong stance against the evils of Palm Oil, in spite of many health food manufactures switching to it (beware).

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