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  5. MUSIC LESSONS  Music on this page by ARCHURE


I sideline doing WEB PAGES at Only $25 per hour (very cheap); and in most cases you can get around 5 pages or more out of an hour, if you have your text pre-typed in a computer (but it all depends on the complexity of course). Shop and compare prices. "ARCHURE" (702) 871-8123 Payment in Advance: Cash or Check (once cleared). I do not have Credit Card capabilities as yet. If you do not already have a web site set up, you will have to get one started, then provide me with the log in info. I strongly suggest Web Hosting by Yahoo, the Yahoo $11.95 per month plan will probably easily suffice (all of my web pages easily fit that plan). You e-mail me the Text, Photo & Pictures in JPG or GIF formats, and sound files if any, specify how you want it set up, pages, menus, colors, backgrounds, and I make helpful suggestions. See my web pages at for things which I can do for your web pages. I can also do graphics and logos (extra time required, but I am quick). 

FEES: $25 per hour (cheap)


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As a Health Nutritional Personal Advisor.   I can list a customized dietary intake based on you needs: Weight loss, Recovery from specific illness or disease, Preventive nutritional maintenance, Psychological nutritional therapy, General dietary planning.  Including Vitamin and Mineral intake, and an effective yet easy physical fitness program.   Most people don't really know what is healthy, and mistakenly think that going from fancy restaurant to fancy restaurant is going to cover the bases, it doesn't, and it will cost you your health.  My health plan is based on over 7 years personal research and study of reading top health authors:  Andrew Weil, Merck Manual, Shari Lieberman, Gary Null, various Schaums Outlines (sold in university bookstores), various Idiots Guides and Dummies series.  THE INFO IS ALL FREE ON MY WEB PAGES, HELP YOUR SELF at HEALTH MENU; OR, IF YOU PREFER, I CAN TUTOR YOU, TAKE YOU TO SEVERAL STORES PERSONALLY, advising you on products, brands, reasons for the selection of various items, and reasons for excluding other products (optional: trip to Borders Books and/or the Library should you so desire, with additional advice on reading and study).   Sometimes a personal escort to the store and a personal advisor can help get you going in the right direction, but much of what I have to offer is already on my web pages for Free.  However, I can also customize specific nutritional treatments for various ailments (based on a combination of use of the Merck Manual with my resources and knowledge of nutritional health).  Qualifications: I have 6 years of higher education in other non-related fields, which taught me how to study and learn on my own, I have a personal interest in the subject, have studied it for years, I socialize with others who are interested in Health, I was born with a very HIGH I.Q., and I have lectured before Health Groups.

FEES:  $50 per hour    

(sliding scale discounts available for those in a financially limited situation)


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Proper posture, positioning of the jaw, breath control, range, tone quality, exact and proper pitch (how to avoid singing too sharp or too flat), warm up standards, control of the larynx (in relation to pitch and gender qualities), pronunciation and enunciation in relation to lyrics. These are the Basics, which all the Pro's know. They do not affect ones style, only projection and quality. Yes I can assist in style as well, only upon request. I majored in voice in college, and before then my grandmother was a voice coach for several famous stars. She was also a choir director and organist. I assisted her in voice direction (and one lesson with a famous singer, who was concerned about not wanting to change her style. She now sings with better control, better volume, clarity, accessibility of hard to reach notes, but her style, is still the same beautiful style which she started out with (EmmyLou Harris).

VOICE LESSON FEES: $100 per lesson, 90 minutes
(sliding scale discounts, based on ones ability to pay, available for the "fiscally challenged").


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I use pitch fork and ear (not electronic meter and counting beats); which some may prefer. I have been Tuning instruments all my life, with a piano every long once in a while, with knowledge on balance and tension in relation to maintaining tuning. I studied Piano Tuning and Repair under Leon Levitch, UCLA Extension, and also watched him in action when I was a kid, when he tuned my grandmothers pianos (my grandmother was in the Piano Resell business for a while), I even helped out a bit with the tuning.

FEES: $25 per hour (cheap) for Tuning (and/or Repair)
Repair Deposits may be requested for advance purchase of replacement parts (strings, bushings), and order and delivery time may be typical,  if Repair is needed and requested. I prefer to stick to Tuning only.

MY ADVICE is to get yourself an Electronic Keyboard (Casio & Yamaha make them quite cheap and quite nice, and even have an 88 key version available. But should you Insist on having an actual Piano (upright, grand, or baby grand, with 27 moving parts per key), I should be happy to tune it for you.

An IN TUNE piano, makes for an IN TUNE life, while an OUT OF TUNE PIANO, causes discord for those who live around it (as above, so below, type of philosophy, which I sincerely believe in).


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FEES: $50 per hour


background music on this page was composed & copyrighted by Will Chris Holley 2003, ARCHURE is trademarked 2003 by Will Chris Holley


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BIRTH CHARTS tell all about you, your abilities, your personality $50/hr

FORECAST REPORTS (2 year) when to put your best foot forward $50/hr

CHART COMPARISONS you and your lover or family $50/hr 

Personal Tutoring and Advanced Services available upon request (Wedding Planning Business Planning, Daily Planning Advisor, Astrology is the Art and Science of Timing, When you do things makes all the difference). 


I have studied the ancient art/science of Astrology for over 34 years.   After years of study, I find the rare, but original system of "SIDEREAL" Astrology to be by far more accurate.   The SIDEREAL system goes by the actual STARS and Constellations, while the regular system used by most astrologers today "Tropical" Astrology, is based on the Seasons (the first day of Spring the Sun enters Aries, while in reality, the Sun is way back in the constellation of Pisces on that date.  It used to enter Aries on the first day of spring, but that was 2,000 years ago, and it has slowly drifted due to one of many wobbles in the earths axis, this one being known as "The Procession of the Equinoxes".   If you get an Astrology magazine (which shows where the Moon and Planets are every day for that month), and if you compare it with a Astronomy or Telescope magazine for the same month (which shows the position of the Moon or Planets for that month), you will soon find that the Astrology magazine is ahead by nearly one full sign (ahead by 25 degrees, and there are 30 degrees in each sign), so in most cases the 2 systems are off by nearly one full sign.   The Ancient Egyptians who built the pyramids 10,000 years ago were astrologers, Ben Franklin was an astrologer, Astronomer Scientist Kepler was an astrologer, many Hollywood stars and many Politicians have used astrology.  

I have in the past done customized work for Caesar Chavez (assisting in Farm Worker strike timing which was quite successful), Joe Montana (advising him on good and bad times over several games back in the mid 1970's, he was very impressed and came back for more info), Stevie Nicks (chart comparison explanation for her and Lindsey Buckingham), and The Grateful Dead (assisting in planning good days to get financial backing for their European Tour (album cover with ice cream cone on forehead), my plan worked, and they came back and got some good days and event time planning for the actual tour), and many other satisfied customers as well. 

Religious Issues:  In defense of those who say that astrology is bad from a Religious perspective, let me point out that historians now say that the 3 Wise Men were astrologers (Matt 2:2 The Living Bible now refers to them as "Some Astrologers from the East" instead of the "3 Wise Men").  Astrology is not evil, I am not evil.  Evil people drive cars, evil people go to college, evil people vote; you would not deny yourself driving a car, or going to college, or voting, just because evil people do these things too, and you do not have to deny yourself the use of Astrology; I myself am a man of good intent, a positive person.  



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