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Photographs - by Photographer "ARCHURE" aka Will Chris Holley
Landscapes, Cityscapes, Portrait Photographer, Artist
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Music on this page: "It's Love" by ARCHURE

PHOTOS taken around Las Vegas (and some other older photos)

Lareesa the Hoop Girl, my favorite

Lareesa prepares to do Acrobatics & Other Acrobats at the Free shows above the Casino floor in the Tropicana UPDATE: Lareesa has since moved on to the BITE show at The Stratosphere Hotel Casino in Las Vegas (a Vampire Musical, very successful new show)

Archure is a Casino Showroom Photographer, and photographed most of the indoor shots in his brief spare time. Casino photographers are usually very busy, its a busy but fun profession. I can not post any of the thousands of photos I take of customers (unless I have their written permission to do so), but I certainly enjoy taking their photos. I currently (July 2007) take around 600 to 800 photos per week, probably at least 36,000 photos per year (it used to be more, because I worked double time, working on day shows and night shows. My style is quality & traditional portrait photograhy, in a theater showroom enviornment. Its lots of fun for my customers, and there is no obigation to buy them, unless they want to take them home, after viewing them after the show.

Portraits of Miranda, who is a Casino Showroom Photographer like myself. This is how photographers have fun in their brief spare time (on occaision).

Miranda has since gotten married (to one of our Photo Lab Managers)

This "Water Tower & Tree" was taken at a Society of Friends Quaker school I attended for 2 years, on the Pacific Northwest Coast (Redwood region) the rest of the photos are more recent, and in Las Vegas

Luxor Pyramid, with heat light distortion (nice effect)

Mandalay Bay, statues of Elephants

This side shot of the Luxor Pyramid is one of my favorites, good persective, no special lens.

Las Vegas Blvd viewing Northward with a telephoto lens