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I have read Ben Franklin's "The Autobiography" Vintage Press edition from stem to stern, Franklin spent lots of time reading many books. Admittedly, I have not read every page of many of my books, especially the Schaums Series (been too busy working), but these show my interests, my capabilities, and what I have on my bookshelf, and, I know where to go when I need info (I will have to update the list, I have many new additions).

MY FAVORITE BOOK: (not The Bible)
"The Dragons of Eden: The speculations of the evolution of human intelligence" by Carl Sagan (often confused for "Brochas Brain" a different book).

Archure's Advice on Reading
Update July 2008: I need to update this page, and have not for years, lots of newer books: on PRO TOOLS, Shari Liebermans Book on Glycemic Index of Foods (a must), etc.
Newer Additions:
Eating Well for Optimum Health by Andrew Weil MD; Spontaneous Healing by Weil; Hard to Swallow the truth about food additives by Sarjeant & Evans; A Consumers Dictionary of Food Additives by Ruth Winter MS (an absolute must); The 48 Laws of Power by Greene; several used books by Dr Joyce Brothers; Gestalt for Beginners; The Basic Writings of Sigmund Freud translated by Dr Brill; How to Lie with Statistics by Huff (old time classic, a must); The Expanded Quotable Einstein; NTC's Dictionary of Latin & Greek Origins; The Wisdom of Sigmund Freud; Barrons pocket guide to Correct Spelling (I need it), Power Yoga by Beryl Bender Birch; The Owners Manual for The BRAIN; The Artists Handbook by Ray Smith (a must, but there are 2, same Title, by 2 different Ray Smiths, the good one is ISBN 0-394-55585-6); The pH Miracle by Young & Young (an absolute MUST)

The Official Godzilla Compendium by Lees & Cerasini.

Microbiology, Physical Science, Programming with C++, Fundamentals of Computing with C++, Introduction to Computer Science, Programming with Java, Basic Electricity, Bookkeeping & Accounting, Investments, Managerial Accounting, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Probability, Probability & Statistics, Basic Chemistry, General Organic & Biological Chemistry, Statics & Strengths of Materials (donated).... (note about Schaums Series books: If you are taking a college course in any subject, get the Schaums in that subject, study the first couple of chapters, and you'll Ace the course)

C++, Visual Basic, Career in Computer Programming, Eating Smart (a must), Etiquette, Business Etiquette, Cultural Etiquette, Organizing your life, Everyday Legal Hassles, Car Care, Being Vegetarian, WebTV, Online Search Secrets, Vitamins & Minerals, Yoga, Marketing Basics, Assertiveness, Dating..... (note: some Idiots Guides are better than others; note: I really liked their guide to Sailing, but don't own a boat and live in the desert)

Sex (by Dr Ruth Westheimer), Internet, C++ Quick Ref, Job Hunting, Nutrition (a must), Vitamins......
(note: Dummies series tends to be more complex than Idiots Guides, but in general, I tend to prefer Idiots Guides (more accuracy in some cases, but the Dummies series, if accurate, tend toward more in depth detail, for instance Nutrition for Dummies solved and cured my Thyroid condition, which the doctor couldn't do)

HTML Pocket Reference, Dynamic HTML, HTML Definitive Guide. HTML & XHTML

HTML Goodies by Burns, a non-O'Reilly book, is very Excellent

Wall St Journal 1999 Almanac, Microsoft Computer Dictionary; Visual C++ 6 from the ground up by Mueller (Osborne/McGraw-Hill), Sams Perl, Sams C++ in 10 mins, Body Talk by Desmond Morris, Ideas & Opinions by Albert Einstein (a must), Bite-Size Einstein (compellation of quotes) by Mayer & Holms (a must), Franklins "The Autobiography" by Ben Franklin (a must), Dictionary of Symbols by Liungman, The Evolution of Human Sexuality by Donald Symons, Book of the Hopi by Frank Waters, Cosmos by Carl Sagan, Dragons of Eden by Carl Sagan, Man and His Symbols by Carl Jung & Associates, Life Extension by Durk Pearson & Sandy Shaw, the Bell Curve, Instant Vocabulary by Ida Ehrlich (a fav), Norton's 2000: (a fav), Llias Yoga and You, The Hermetica by Freke & Gandy, many books by Gary Larson, Brain Droppings by Geo Carlin, 1911 Best Things Anybody Ever Said by Robert Byrne, Heavens Mirror by Hancock and Falla, Fingerprints of the Gods by Graham Hancock, GRE Psychology, Barons EZ-101 Psychology, ACS Ephemeris (20th Century and Sidereal versions) by ACS Publications San Diego, AFA book on Astrological American History (misplaced), Chiltons Toyota, Haynes Toyota, HTML Goodies, various Almanacs (fav's), Microsoft manuals, books on Basic Programming, How to win Friends and Influence People, the Rules, Job Bank books (Las Vegas and Computer Companies), Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, 2 books on Bankruptcy Kits (too complex, cant afford a lawyer, and could pay it back if paid what I am worth), and last but not least "The Living Bible: paraphrased 1971" an excellent understandable modern translation based on much research (unlike the King James), most people who claim to have read the Bible don't understand it at all, technically they may have read some or allot of it "and thou hast given thy self to God, and behold, verily thou dost go forth, before God, with the Judgment...." make sense? Get the "Living Bible", much better.

Encyclopedia of Sex by Dr Ruth Westheimer, The Human Sexes: A Natural History of Man and Woman by Desmond Morris; XML for Dummies; Building a Web Site for Dummies; A+ Certification for Dummies; Beginning Programming for Dummies; Idiots Guide to Amazing Sex; Idiots Guide to Visual Basic 6.0; Idiots Guide to Front Page (and got MS Front Page Software too); Idiots Guide to Psychology; Bradys Book of Fixed Stars; Astrological Americana by the American Federation of Astrologers (I am a member); Vedic Astrology by Dreyer; Fixed Stars by Ebertin-Hoffman; The Rullership Book by Rex E Bills; Signs of Mental Illness by Mitchell E Gibson MD (Astrologer/Psychiatrist); Career Opportunities in the Music Field by Field; NEC 1999 National Electrical Code; A Dictionary of American Idioms by Adam Makkai; Idiots Guide to Life Science; The Prehistory of Sex Four Million Years of Human Sexual Culture by Taylor; The G Spot by Ladas, Whipple, and Perry; The Multi Orgasmic Man by Abrams; Marijuana Myth Marijuana Fact by Zimmer & Morgan endorsed by Dr Dean Edell & William F Buckley Jr; Intimate Behavior by Desmond Morris; The Human Sexes by Desmond Morris; Franklin Writings by Ben Franklin (The Library of America); Caring Consumers by Silverstone (; You Can Save the Animals by Ingrid Newkirk (PETA); Slaughterhouse by Eisnitz; Diet for a New America by John Robbins; The Vegan Sourcebook; Merck Manual of Medical Information Home Edition; Self-Hypnosis in Two Days by Morris (out of print, Barnes & Noble new re-purchase, had it years back, 1970); MAN WATCHING A Field Guide to Human Behavior by Desmond Morris (out of print B&N); Schaums Outlines on Microbiology; Idiots Guide to Total Nutrition,

IS IT ANY WONDER WHY I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR TV.? (and I now work 60 hours per week, seeking a 40 hour per week job)

Human Evolutionists (a scientific field, such as Anthropologist or Geologist) study the Evolution of Humans and have determined that Evolution is very slow, and that we have not evolved much in the past Million Years. (humorous note: "mutation" is by far the fastest method of evolution). We are not any smarter than those Cave people from way back, and we do not look any different (except current popular attire, and we shave). However, our society has evolved socially and technologically with a greater population, and thus more communication (forced upon us, "necessity is the mother of invention"). Most of Ancient Civilization has been lost with time. I believe that they had more technological advances that we have not uncovered, or has been lost thru deterioration of time. I have heard that the Ancient Egyptians had copper and what appears to be electrical devices (with bare, uninsulated copper). One way or the other, time changes styles and trends, but our intelligence has not evolved in recorded history.

THEREFORE: I read and study authors such as Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, Isaac Newton, and Sigmund Freud.
Some current day persons think that they will Rise in the public eye by discrediting these now deceased famous greats (cheap trick, discredit someone now dead, who isn't around to defend themselves, and be given credit for being smarter, BS).

Even I myself (still alive to defend myself), with my genius IQ, can not defend myself from the constant discreditization from the masses of average IQ persons with opinions based on no fact, no research. With my 6 years of higher education, no job agency nor personnel office sees me fit for anything except heavy manual labor (my injured spine). (Why only yesterday some woman in my taxi cab (manager of a nutrition store) was telling me that Soy is a bad source of protein, and that Whey is much better, but she could not list any reason for this (except "get a body building magazine"); while I still believe that soy is an excellent source of protein, as that is what I have read in many books, and have heard from nutrition experts, and professors, (Idiots Guide to Eating Smart, Nutrition for Dummies, many articles on the web, professors at Saddleback College and other colleges). Soy is a complete protein (does not need to be combined) and has all the essential amino acids (from Fed gvmt stat charts on the web).

SO DESPITE ANY DISCREDIT of these great and famous persons, I read Einstein, I read Franklin, Freud, etc

US Weather Almanac
books on Names
Hieroglyphics & Egyptology
Idiots Guide to Ancient History
Experience Las Vegas (yearly)
Moodys (for astrological chart research into corporations)
Self Hypnosis in 2 Days
The Great Books: Freud, Newton, Kepler.....
Desmond Morris: the Naked Ape, Man watching: a field guide to Human Behavior, the Human Zoo...

and many others......

Being a former Library worker (College of Marin, shelving, catalog check for Acquisitions dept, and book binding / repair; and High School, shelving, typing, etc...), it is my policy to CLEAN THE COVERS OF LIBRARY BOOKS WITH ISOPROPYL (immediately when I get the filthy books), I also do minor repairs as per my training at College of Marin, all in the interest of the Public and sharing of good books.

Will Christopher Holley's Rule of Libraries:
"When asking for assistance in a Library, there is always One Mean Nasty & Cruel Librarian, if you happen to get the mean one, ignore them and go on to the next librarian for assistance, they are very helpful"

disclaimer: I have not read everything in all of these books, and don't know much about Chemistry (just got those books for interest and research, I need to take a class in Chemistry), but I do know allot about Psychology and Anthropology

I donated well over 100 text books (electronics, programming, robotics, technology, older books from the 1980's) to the Las Vegas West Charleston Library in the Summer of 1999

libraries are filled with books, some good (and some trash), the key to a good library is in the Acquisitions dept