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RESUME /// MENU /// MY PHOTOGRAPHY /// MY GRAPHICS /// MY MUSIC /// Background Music this page is entirely by ARCHURE (me)

Fruit Loop Bird (oil on canvas board) 1994 by Will Chris Holley, done in Painting Class from Natl Geographic Photo, Saddleback College, Mission Viejo CA

This Bathing Beauty was painted (OIL on canvas) from a "Swimsuit" Calendar photo which was hanging up in the place I worked (JDS Micro in 1990, now HYDRA), painted in class at Saddleback College (date unremembered). I wanted to take their class in painting live models, and portraits; but it never happened. I hope someday to paint a serries of nudes, and a serries of portraits (preferably with live sit in models, but can paint from photos like this, and this was a First Attempt). I know that I could do it well with some practice. Its a matter of time, I have music projects, seek work, I try for a social life, I do volunteer work, but Art has always been something I love to do, and I do well (and does not require the cooperation of others, as does music, try to get some cooperation, in any field, perhaps I should devote all of my free time to Painting Oils).

Martian SandStorm (Acrylics on stretched canvas, around 1980)

Deep Sea Life (or outer space?) 1994 oil on stretched canvas by Will Chris Holley, in class at Saddleback College. To me, it was a Deep Sea Life or Outer-space theme idea. Ironically, at a latter date, National Geographic had an article about Deep Sea Life, which had creatures which looked just like this, which had "never been seen before" (ooooh). With design influence of Mendocino artist, was it Dora Bothwell? or Hilda Pertha? (sorry, I keep getting the names and art mixed up, one did flowers, the other did designs, much like this)

Free Space by Chris Holley 1981 acrylic on streched canvas, based on modern art of the 1950's, with influence of Mendocino artist Jim Bertram

"The Big Bang" oil on canvas, the artists imagined representation of the beginning of the Universe, as seen thru a telescope. Theoretically, we could someday possibly get a telescope so powerful, that we can see the actual Big Bang, as it is, we now can see around 16 billion light years away (which is what happened 16 billion years ago). They used to think the universe was only around 9 billion years old, but now that we can see around 16 billion light years away, we now know its older, for certain. Done in Painting Class at Saddleback College by Artist Chris Holley aka ARCHURE (around 1994). Disclaimer: Archure (Chris Holley), does not actually believe in a Beginning of Time, time is Eternal, and so is Space. Read my article The Big Bang is Bunk: its an endless, beginingless, universe, the red-shift is due to telescopic, mirror, optic distortion, NOT the universe is expanding in all directions away from us, come on, time to grow up

Seascape at Dana Point CA (oil), done in Painting Class (from photo) at Saddleback College by Artist Chris Holley 1994 (my professor had me exaggerate the point on the right, making it a pointed mountain, a very good art teacher)

                                    "Is Anything Sacred?" by Chris Holley 1994 oil on stretched canvas, art class, Saddleback College. Based on a drawing sketch I did while living in Glendale CA, around 1980 (after a bug bomb spray) did you see Joes Apt?, thats nothin, nothin but a tribute to what I lived thru. I have notice that Roaches have a third sense about what is sacred, and there they hang out. I was in Church and saw a roach on the feet of Jesus on the Cross (honest, I couldn't run over and chase it away, people wouldn't understand). Many years ago when I "inhaled" (and liked it), I took a puff from my tiny bong, put it down, and out from the residual smoke crawled a roach, who then crawled under my scissors (for trimming toe nails and bud), it crawled underneath one loop, thru the loop, up over the center down into the other loop and underneath the other end of the scissors. I have also noted roaches at other important, sacred places, what ever seems to be concerned with the sign of Pisces (religion, feet, bud, bong), thus the title "Is Anything Sacred" (with background color of a reddish violet, the color of Pisces). Don't get me wrong, I don't like roaches, but they are impressive, and are one of the longest surviving species of creatures on the planet. I will try to post a detail, you can barely see in this photo, the small real life size roaches in the bottom left, one crawling over my signature. This painting once hung over the head of my bed.

Gemini Star (pentatonic) by Chris Holley acrylic on canvas board 1987? (Music theory applied to Color theory, Primary Red = Ab, Blue-Green = Eb, Orange = Bb, Navy = F, Yellow = C, thus a musical "Pentatonic" scale)

Yellow Star (pentatonic) by Chris Holley 1987? acrylic on canvas board (Green = D, Maroon = G, Yellow = C, Navy = F, Orange = Bb, thus a Musical Pentatonic scale (colors are just higher octaves of sounds, all measurable in Cycles Per Second, the inverse of which (1/x) is Wavelength, measurable in Meters or in the case of light waves which are very small, measurable in Angstroms, which is 1 meter X 10 to the power of -10)

Axis: Bold As Love "Just ask the Axis, he knows everything"
Artwork by Chris Holley (quote and title from the famous Jimi Hendrix album/song), Artwork 1982 acrylic on paper is themed from Primitive Art (which is a strong interest), Native American Art, and Modern Art. Anthropologists say that people 20,000 years ago were just as smart as we are today.