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"Tobacco, hemp, flax, and cotton, are staple commodities." -Thomas Jefferson, from "Jefferson Writings" pg 164 Vintage Press (Notes on the State of Virginia, Query VI)

This web page includes Scientific and Medical backup, near the bottom of the web page (with quotes from William F Buckley Jr. and Dr. Dean Edell, famous TV News Doctor). Backup to my claims of hysterical mal-informed government oppression and infringement of my personal Liberty (which has gone on, all of my life, I am 47 years old, and my official life expectancy is around 73 years, that's more than 64% or nearly two thirds of my expected life (the only life I will ever have, unless you can provide reincarnation). 
Stop the oppression, stop the Bullying, let my people go.

NEW UPDATE October 21st 2007

MA, the Mother of Agriculture (and civilization):

Known in Chinese languages as Ma, this hardy annual herb is arguably the "mother" of agricultural civilization.

map by National Geographic's Genographic project Genetics show that most of mankind (Asians, Native Americans, and Europeans, (with the exception of Africans, a few Mediterranean dna’s, and the initial pioneers the Aborigines of Australia)), all passed thru the area above India, which borders Western China, Russia, and Pakistan/Afghanistan (and all the way into the Caucasus Mountains) 40,000 years ago (with genetic mutation marker M9), and made it home ever since (except those who eventually, thousands of years later, went on (35,000 years ago as genetic mutation M45) to become Asians, Europeans, and Native Americans, map shows Archure's DNA as part of this route, the other routes going off to the right are Asians and Native Americans (1st and 2nd wave)). This area north of India, is the original natural habitat for Cannabis. Meanwhile, the Sphinx marks the official start of Civilization (as per Anthropologists), around 10,500 BC (12,500 years ago). We have no doubt that since the 40,000 years ago, some people wandered back and forth time to time. Cannabis was found in the pyramids. And I hope to find someday, anthropological evidence that the Aborigines of Australia had hemp prior to Europeans (its probably out there on the net, I have little doubt). (More on Genetics, and Archure's signing up with the National Genographic project at
Peak of Khan Tengri
“originated in the Hindu-Kush or Tian Shan mountain range”
“Native to the Caucasus, China, Iran, and northern India, marijuana is cultivated the world over, both legally (for the fiber and seeds) and illegally (for use as a recreational drug).”

“The earliest known evidence of marijuana in human hands dates back approximately 10,000 years to a prehistoric village that was discovered in Taiwan in 1972. Pottery shards unearthed there bore the distinct impression of hemp cord, conclusively proving that marijuana has been in use since the Stone Age."

Known in Chinese languages as Ma, this hardy annual herb is arguably the "mother" of agricultural civilization. Ma provided to be a renewable food source and a durable textile fiber for the manufacture of rope and fabric, setting agro-industrial China far ahead of hunter-gatherer tribes in other parts of the world. Besides its many textile and medicinal uses, marijuana yields seeds rich in B vitamins, protein, and amino acids, which have served as China's second or third most important agricultural food source for thousands of years. While evidence of marijuana in use as a medicine has been found in Egyptian ruins dated as early as the 16th century BC, and digs at ancient Hebrew sites have unearthed evidence of medical marijuana as an aid to childbirth long before the time of Christ, the many uses of marijuana have proved to be an invaluable resource in the continuous survival of Chinese culture from its distant origins to the present day”.

CULTURES which had ties in this area (north of India) are...

Ancient Scythian Leader SKUNKHA The Scythians (artists who rode on horseback, had long hair, blue eyes, and red hair, and had a large city made out of wood, 5 kilometers by 5 kilometers, and you have probably heard of the discovery of their burial mounds in the perma-frost, fancy artistic clothing, even fancy clothing for their horses, art work, and even small personal bags of cannabis carried on ones person. Wiki on Scythians

frozen Caucasoid mummy discovered in the Tarim Basin in present-day Xinjiang, China, which dates from 1800 BCE to 200 CE Also see wiki on Western China (Early History of Xinijang, quote: describe the existence of "white people with long hair" or the Bai people in the Shan Hai Jing, who lived beyond their northwestern border. The very well preserved Tarim mummies with Caucasoid features, often with reddish or blond hair, today displayed at the Ürümqi Museum and dated to the 3rd century BC, have been found in precisely the same area of the Tarim Basin ) and for the Tarim Mummies see

Other peoples of this area show linguist ties to the Korean and Japanese languages.

I have no doubt that Impact Events (Meteors) have whipped out civilizations over thousands of years, but still some people remain, some survived. deals with large impact events, but in 1908 we had a small one which destroyed parts of Siberia

Today, Western (SW) China has people of Turk dna, who are Muslims, while Northern Afghanistan and Northern Pakistan remain sacred cultures, despite the worlds aggressions. And northern India is the home of the exiled 14th Dahli Lama, as well as other spiritual people, and Tibet (the upper rim of the mountain range, is the home of Chinese religion, despite the worlds aggressions).


Recent Modern (1500’s – 1700’s, 200 to 500 years is recent compared with 40,000 years), show the age of Exploration, with Sailors with Hemp rope and Hemp sails, sailing the 7 seas. My grandfather was a sailor in the Russian Navy prior to the Russian Revolution around 1917 (he was able to escape and lived, by catching a train to Siberia, and a boat to Japan, and another boat to San Francisco, the Golden Gate, Gateway to the Orient. North of San Francisco is the Redwood Forest area, many sailing ships transported lumber to build San Francisco (growing up in Mendocino village on the coast, I spent hours by the sea & tidepools, and from time to time saw Chinese Junks (a Junk is a Chinese boat), traveling the world. The Spanish had missions all the way to San Rafael (north of San Francisco), and just north of San Rafael, 100 miles up the coast is Fort Ross, a Russian settlement. Russians used to sail the Bearing Straight (calm but cold) from Siberia to Alaska, and even went as far as Mexico (evidence of Russian culture in Mexico). My grandfather told me that he sailed across the Bearing Straight and back (before the Russian Revolution). And the Ancients probably did as well (I have heard rumored that Native American religious plant Peyote (Lophora Williamsii) was possibly found in the pyramids as well). Certainly the symbol for Mother Earth (a square maze) was found in Ancient Mediterranean cultures as well as Ancient Native American cultures.

Of course, travel back in ancient times was perhaps slowed to some extent, due to dealing with world cultures, where ever you travel, your on someone else’s turf. Such as the fierce Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest Coast, or any cultures thru ought the world. They all have their Dicks, aka Patrols looking for what they consider Trouble, anything different from themselves (due to a world of aggression). Yet some travelers, being of intelligence, knowing interesting things, bringing world culture and art, managed to travel back and forth, all over the world, many thousands of years ago, before the official start of Civilization 12,500 years ago, with the building of the Sphinx (long before the pyramids, when the area was moist, non-desert). I look at Space photos of earth, and see the Deserts, obviously where mankind and civilization long ago chopped down every tree and bush, Egypt, all the way over into China. How long ago have the deserts of the South West been deserts? Was it mankind that made it desert?


"It is my view that the vegetarian manner of living by its purely physical effect on the human temperament would most beneficially influence the lot of mankind." - Albert Einstein Letter to 'Vegetarian Watch-Tower', 27 December 1930

"For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love." -Pythagoras, mathematician

"As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields." -Leo Tolstoy

"You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here" (and so do animals) -Max Ehrman

"The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men." -Leonardo da Vinci, artist and scientist

"In their behavior toward creatures, all men are Nazis. Human beings see oppression vividly when they're the victims. Otherwise they victimize blindly and without a thought." -Isaac Bashevis Singer, author, Nobel Prize 1978


I believe in the Legalization of Marijuana & LSD

Author around age 19, around 1972
Photo of ARCHURE (Chris Holley) around 1971 in Mendocino, Headlands Author around age 19, around 1972, sitting on the cliffs by the ocean by my Home Town

Growing up as a kid, I was taught that we have personal Freedom. I was taught that we have a voice in Government.

Thomas Jefferson grew hemp
(in "Writings" by Jefferson on Vintage Press.)

George Washington grew it too.
(Don't tell me they didn't smoke it)

Many people including myself, believe and have seen that LSD and Marijuana (both termed "Hallucinogins", as apposed to uppers or downers), are very good when taken in the proper doseage, in the proper conditions. I took LSD and smoked Marijuana in the 60's, it did me lots of good, and I saw it do lots of good for others. I wish I could partake again, except for the evils of government oppression. There is lots of evidence that "Hallucinogins" are what started the worlds major religions

Dr. Albert Hofmann, on the occasion of celebrating the 50th anniversary of his famous bicycle ride (first LSD Trip): "You, my dear friends, and millions all over the world who now commemorate the 50th birthday of ergot's child, we all testify gratefully that we got valuable help on the way to what Aldous Huxley said is the end and the ultimate purpose of human life--enlightenment, beatific vision, love. I think all these joyful testimonies of invaluable help by LSD should be enough to convince the health authorities, finally, of the nonsense of the prohibition of LSD and of similar psychedelics."

The Author 1970's The Author 1970's I smoked weed with Willie, couple of times
The Author 1970's The Author 1970's

I am educated with 3 Associate degrees and a Bachelor degree with a high grade point average and Honors (all degrees accredited), this represents at least 6 years of higher education (including: Technology, Science, Psychology, Political Science, Anthropology, Politics, Health, the Arts.....). I have a Genius level I.Q. and many years of experience with life in general. I also study the words and writings of many of the worlds greats: Einstein, Jung, Freud, Franklin, Jefferson, The Hermetica, etc. Summing it up:  I have a great deal of Wisdom, with a sense of humanity and concern for my fellow human beings. If anyone has the wisdom, education, and intelligence to make an important decision regarding the use of Cannabis, then I do.

Photo courtesy of (undoubtedly grown for legal use?)

I find that those who want to use Cannabis have been Oppressed and bullied by persons who in my estimation should have no right to interfere in this issue of personal Freedom and Choice (after consideration of the facts).

Why do you think they give Marijuana to Cancer patients? to Torture them more than the agony they are already going thru?

The question is not about Cannabis. Cannabis is not the problem. The problem is Aggression (you really should read Einstein's "Ideas & Opinions" for more on Aggression), and the problem is those who seek to find groups and categories of people to Oppress (pot users, racial groups, religious groups), in an attempt to dominate and enslave others. Example: Arrest of a marijuana user leading to a criminal conviction resulting in an eventual and permanent limitation of job opportunities thru exclusion (i.e.. this person may only be allowed Hard Physical Labor Jobs at Low Pay, thus, a "Slave", to benefit the enslavers).

Marijuana has stood the false blame of many persons under arrest for crimes.   It used to be that someone who did a breaking and entering theft could get a potential diminishment of sentence by claiming he was under the influence of marijuana at the time.  I used to smoke lots of marijuana in my younger years and I didn't go around committing crimes other than the actual crime of smoking marijuana itself.  In fact, I saw other teenagers around who were dangerous and prospective doers of ill, who started smoking marijuana, and turned into more mellow, responsible, concerned persons.  It certainly made me a better student.  It was a challenge.  Teachers saw that I was high and would nail me with a tough question, and when my answers were better than the other students, there was some justice to the positive effects of marijuana.  Of course I am a high IQ genius, but my grades went up when I was regularly smoking marijuana before school, and I enjoyed my studies more.  Marijuana made me enjoy life more, including those groovie math puzzles and history became fascinating and the sciences (physical and social sciences) became ever so interesting.  Marijuana brings enjoyment to life. 

Those who appose marijuana do so because of the very brief interval of feelings of Fear which occur from 10 minutes to 20 minutes after smoking it, but the whole benefits last 3 hours.  Those apposed throw away the benefits, all due to 10 brief minutes of a slight case of fear, fear which when made aware of, makes one more cautious and responsible.    

Oppression stems from Aggression (not to be confused with Assertiveness). Aggression, Anger, Rage, Hate, and Discrimination are directly related to the consumption of Meat. Many doctors recommend patients suffering from anger to "lay low on the red meats" (all meats lead to aggression, but the red meats are even more so). More crimes can be linked to Aggression stemming from eating Meat, than from smoking Marijuana; if you care to view the Truth, which many refuse to see.

As a former Meat eater (I grew up on it just like everyone else and thought I would die if I didn't consume meat), and a former Marijuana smoker (I can no longer smoke it due to oppression of political bullies), let me assure you that I feel great, behave great, and get better grades in education, when I smoke marijuana (without eating meat for a long time); but after eating meat (not under any influence marijuana) I suffer from more anger, rage, and hate, as well as physical discomfort, upset tummy, digestive disorders, feelings of uncleanliness and discomfort from the result of eating meat.

We have to get some Priorities Straight. The government and those who oppress marijuana claim to be concerned for everyone's welfare, yet marijuana is not bad (as per "Marijuana Myth, Marijuana Fact" by Lynn Zimmer Phd and John P Morgan MD QP801.C27 Z56 1997 ISBN# 0-9641568-4-9 Endorsed by: William F. Buckley, Jr., Dr. Dean Edell, and many others (see further down this page for quotes), and MEAT IS VERY BAD (Quote from The Mayo Clinic: "A vegetarian diet is consistent with many nutritional recommendations. For instance, the American Cancer Society's 1996 guidelines on diet, nutrition and cancer prevention include these suggestions: Get most of your food from plant sources, and limit high-fat foods -- especially those from animals." -Mayo Health Org Newer Mayo Quotes). Yet government outlaws marijuana and encourages the consumption of meat. Those who have not studied these things and do not have knowledge about them except what they hear from others, while those who have been presented knowledge and the facts (government "paper pusher" office workers) have been lying to the public. Resulting in all political candidates having to voice opinions "against drugs, no new taxes, more education, more cops", kiss babies, mom, and apple pie. I am for all of the above, except the "against drugs" (marijuana) part of it (there are more dangerous legal drugs than dangerous illegal drugs, and marijuana is not dangerous); and would even favor more taxes if the government really did help the public more (health care.....). But the government is too wrapped up in the Financial Concerns benefiting Major Big Business and the "few" who control it, to be concerned with the "Individual" and his/her rights, freedoms, voice, health, well being, and quality of life.

People have been programmed into views and opinions against drugs that they personally have not tried and personally no nothing about except what the government controlled media has programmed them to believe. Those within the Media and Education are forced to conform to the "pack of lies", or else be Banned from their professions, resulting in being forced to work as slave labor at minimum wage. I am grateful to President Clinton for admitting that he tired marijuana ("I inhaled..."), but it is too bad that oppression forced him to state that he didn't like it (most likely an out and out lie, forced by oppression and aggression (you who have not ever lied may cast the first stone, "liar" if you cast a stone)).

Despite our Technology, we are Socially "Backward Primitives". Our culture grew out of the Roman Empire which lasted around 1,000 years, with people being fed to the lions in public show places, and slavery commonplace, with slaves forced to battle and kill other slaves in public spectacle. (Anthropologists say evolution is a slow process over millions of years, the past 10,000 years shows no noticeable change in humans mentally (same IQ as 10,000 years ago when they built the pyramids), nor physically (over the past thousands of years, some peoples were temporarily shorter, due to dietary habits/conditions, but prehistoric primatives, prior to 12,000 years ago were actually taller than we are today (as per Carl Sagans "Dragons of Eden"). The barbaric behavior of man (war, violence, slavery, animal sacrifice, and human sacrafice) is nothing new, and if mankind is so slow to evolve, we must take care to watch ourselves, and make certain we don't fall back in to these bad behaviors which make life miserable for everyone.

Life could be better.

The Truth is, marijuana is good for you (if you so choose to smoke it or put it in cookies). George Washington grew hemp and undoubtedly smoked it too. Oppression of marijuana is just about more of the same as the Iron Curtain or the Berlin Wall.

YOU DECIDE (for your self), because I long ago made up my mind, and those in the government cant afford to risk their jobs to admit the Truth.


VOLUNTEER: I did volunteer work with the "California Marijuana Initiative" back in the early 1970's, which never got on the ballot. Now due to recent changes, persons dying from Cancer may use marijuana, fortunately I am not dying from Cancer, unfortunately I am legally prohibited from possessing and/or using marijuana. Marijuana is nothing new, it has been with society and culture since prehistoric times.

TIME AND SMOKING: "after" the initial smoking of marijuana, there is, on a TIME SCALE (after smoking it).......
5 min: a brief High & Elation
10 min: brief fear starts
15 min: brief fear peaks
20 min: brief fear subsides
25 min: any disorientation ends
followed by hours of enjoyment, quality of life, appreciation of the surrounding world and nature
3 hrs: a desire to do it again (good time to do it again) It is best to not smoke it more frequently than every 3 hours, as it increases the amount of Fear, without really adding much to the joyfulness (there are exceptions, such as a good friend shows up, etc)

TYPES OF MARIJUANA: there are many different species of Marijuana, Cannabis Sativa, Cannabis Indicas, Cannabis Americana...... some are weaker, some are stronger, and at least one variety unfortunately creates a longer lasting state of fear than the chart listed above, with fear lasting several hours, undoubtedly a major factor for those who appose it, yet the other varieties are well worth it. (analogy: if the high road is clear and the low road is flooded, lets not close all roads)

GOOD FACTORS: There are many good factors of the effects of marijuana including, joy of life and living, enjoyment of study and education and acquisition and interest in knowledge, a tendency towards pacifism and acceptance of others, a tendency towards more civilized behavior in a person, happiness and friendliness......

NEW UPDATE quotes from Wikipedia:

Thrives on rich, fertile, neutral to slightly alkaline, well-drained silt or clay loams with moisture retentive subsoils; does not grow well on acid, sandy soils. Of the many types of hemp, some are adapted to most vegetated terrains and climates. Ranging from Cool Temperate Steppe to Wet through Tropical Very Dry to Wet Forest Life Zones, marijuana is reported to tolerate annual precipitation of 3 to 40 dm (mean of 44 cases = 9.9 dm), annual temperature of 6 to 27°C (mean of 44 cases = 14.4), and pH of 4.5 to 8.2 (mean of 38 cases 6.5) (Duke, 1978, 1979).

Sodium nitrate and ammonium along with potassium sulfate have a beneficial effect on the fiber crop. Fiber-producing plants should always have plenty of proper nutrients, especially nitrogen, which is the most important element needed. Irrigation is seldom practiced.

Hemp is ready for harvest four to five months after planting, rarely earlier for some varieties. Harvesting depends on the climatic conditions, the variety of hemp grown and whether the crop is being grown for hemp or seed. In temperate areas, hemp is usually harvested from mid July to mid August. Both male and female plants look alike until they flower; then the male plants turn yellow and die, whereas the female plants remain dark green for another month until the seed ripens. Male plants are ready to harvest for fiber when the leaves change from dark green to light brown. The best yield of fiber (and only male plants are used) is then obtained. Hemp is harvested when the staminate flowers are beginning to open and shed their pollen. Seed is harvested from the female plants when most of it falls off when the plant is shaken. Best time of day to harvest seed is in early morning when fruits are turgid and conditions damp. As fruits dry out by mid-day, seed loss increases due to shattering. Usually stems are cut and the seeds shaken out over canvas sheets or beaten with sticks to extract the seeds. For fiber, hemp plants are cut by hand with a hemp knife, similar to a long-handled sickle. Plants are cut 2-3 cm above the ground and spread on the ground to dry. In some areas, the entire plants are pulled up and laid out to dry. Hand cutting, one man can cut about one-fifth hectare per day. Sometimes specially designed harvesters with a tractor are able to harvest four hectares a day. In many areas several varieties of hemp are grown so as to spread out the harvest, one maturing in late July and used later for seed crop in September, a second crop maturing in mid August, and a third maturing near end of August. Fiber is extracted from the stems of hemp by retting by methods similar to those used for other fiber plants. Sometimes the stems are dried before they are retted. After plants have air-dried for 4-6 days, the root and flower ends are cut off and the remaining portions, with branches and leaves taken or beaten off, are made into small bundles.


"Marijuana Myth, Marijuana Fact" by Lynn Zimmer Phd and John P Morgan MD QP801.C27 Z56 1997 ISBN# 0-9641568-4-9 This book has a long list of endorsements by William F. Buckley Jr., Dr. Dean Edell, and many others, all listed on the back cover.

This great book Dispels all the negative myths about Marijuana. Myths of addiction, negative health effects, negative brain effects, negative effects on pregnancy, driving errors and highway safety, reproduction, motivation and performance, immune system, memory and cognition, insanity, deviance and crime, laws versus statistics, etc... GREAT BOOK

"A remarkable book....a miracle of intelligent concision...Legislators who write marijuana laws and judges who sentence marijuana users should....consult this little book." -William F. Buckley, Jr., National Review

""An impressive attack on much of the mythology around marijuana." -Michael Farrell. M.D., British Medical Journal

"The definitive manual... a must read for anyone who wants an objective analysis of current research on marijuana." -Dr. Dean Edell

"A brilliant book... wise, sane and extraordinarily useful. Every American should read it." -Ira Glasser, Executive Director, ACLU

"Accurate, timely, and impressive...clearly written and accessible to individuals who do not have scientific or technical training." -Louis Lasagna, M.D., Tufts University

"This is the most accurate book on the effects of marijuana that has appeared to date." -Andrew Weil, M.D., author of Spontaneous Healing and 8 weeks to Optimum Health

"A clearly written rebuttal of some of the exaggerated claims offered in support of current U.S. marijuana policy." -Wayne Hall, Ph.D., Science

"A measured meta-analysis of the science of grass." -Esquire Magazine

"Should be read by all substance abuse treatment and prevention specialists." -John de Miranda, Peninsula Health Concepts, San Mateo, CA

"The first in-depth examination of all the government's major claims about pot.... a welcome document that will be useful in a policy debate that has often been colored by hysteria." -Jan Wenner, Rolling Stone Magazine


Lynn Zimmer Ph.D. Associate Professor of Sociology at Queens College, City University of New York.

John P. Morgan M.D. Professor of Pharmacology at the City University of New York Medical School

The Lindesmith Center NYNY

ADDENDUM: 12/28/99 5:21PM

When I tried Pot in the 60's, I was very impressed. It was much better than I thought it would be; and I concluded that it would be legalized quite quickly just as soon as everyone found out just how good it really is.

I remember as a kid when Homosexuality was illegal. And to my surprise, the government legalized it.

You can have gay sex, but you cant smoke a joint. Just goes to show what kind of people we have running the Government.