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DATA FOR EXPERTS by Will Chris Holley

FBI 7.26.1908 time? Washington DC

CIA authorized by Nat Security Act 7.26.1947 time? Washington DC

CIA offical start 9.16.1947 time? Washington DC

CITI BANK INC 6.16.1812 time? NY NY

BofA Corp 10.7.1968
BofA Name 11.1.1930
BofA Subsidiery 4.1.1969

US BANK 2.8.1988

photo of Venus (NASA)

United States Declaration of Independece
7.4.1776 Philadelphia PA time?
3:09am? mars asc

US Constitution Signed
9.17.1787 Philadelphia PA

US Federation
3.1.1781 2.42p Philadelphia PA
some regard this as the true chart of the United States, as prior, the United States were actually seperate states, joined together in rebeling against England, but not untill 3.1.1781 did they join offically to form a single country (very important)

US Mint 4.2.1792 Washington DC

First Permanant White Settlement in North America
9.18.1565 Saint Pertersburg FL (location ?)

US Air Force4.25.1947

US Army(?) 6.14.1775

US Federal Government Began
3.4.1789 12.01am? Washington DC

Ben Franklin's Flying Kite Experiment
6.15.1752 Philadelphia PA

US GeorgeTown, Dist O' Columbia

KKK disbanded in1866 but resumed in 1915 date unknown (enter 1.1.1915 and 12.31.1915 for approximate South Node)

US - Korean War 6.27.1950

US Louisana Purchase 12.20.1803

US Mexican War 5.13.1846

US Monroe Doctorine 12.2.1823

US Man on the Moon 7.2.1969

photo of the far side of the Moon (NASA)

Morman Church 4.6.1830 NY NY (moved later)

Brigham Young (founder of Morman Church) 6-1-1801

Salt Lake City 7.24.1847 4:29pm Utah

Panama Cannal Opened 8.15.1914 Panama

Republican Party Formed 2.28.1854
good chart, thats why liberal me was once a Republican

Democratic Party data unknown

US Somalia Invasion
8:00pm Mogadishu, Somalia 2N04 45E22 -3timeZone

Spanish American War 4.24.1898

World War I 4.6.1917

World War II 12.7.1941

US Stock Market Crash 10.29.1929

Wall Street Crash 10.19.1987

Washington DC Cornerstone 3.29.1791

Washington DC Incorporated 5.3.1802

US Transcontinental Railroad
5.10.1869 Salt Lake City UT

Chris Holley purchased a new Bicycle 7.9.1999 8:19am Las Vegas NV

Farm Workers Strike Over
7.29.1970 11.11am Salinas CA

Fort Ross founded 1811 date unknown

Johnny Walker est 1820 date unknown

Chris Holley moved to.......
Glendale CA 11.25.1977 5.00pm or 4:45?
Las Vegas 932 Niblick Drive 9.15.1995 5.50pm
(I have now moved to another location in Vegas)

Tibet falls to China 10.7.1950

Wiskey a GoGo opens 1.11.1963

Karen & Chris Married
6.15.1991 4:10pm Long Beach CA
Karen Holley told Chris Holley that she was getting a divorce 5.4.1994 8:00am San Clemente CA
Karen Holley
12.3.1947 12.19am Santa Monica CA
Chris Holley
6.6.1953 8:31am San Diego CA
(we are still very good friends, but no romance, Dr Ruth says it is not good to romance your ex, as one becomes dependant upon them)

Chris Holley Piereced His Left Ear...
lower 10.29.1976 6:08pm Mill Valley CA
upper 6.5.1977 10:04am Mill Valley CA

Chris Holley logs on to Psychic Readers Network for the first time
11.15.1995 12:48pm Las Vegas

DERBY my pet Budgie
4.4.1981 5:31am Glendale CA
born in my appartment, compare with my chart
Chris 6.6.1953 8:31am San Diego CA
Derby was the nicest of all my birds
Derby passed away from illness 12.24.1992 2am Laguna Niguel CA

Disneyland 7.17.1955

Walt Disney 12.5.1901 Indianapolis Indiana

The Doors play Hollywood Bowl 7.5.1968 9:00pm LA CA

Purchased my Drum Set
a Yamaha TDXpress (electronic drums)
(I always wanted to play drums, have played guitar since age 7, have an AA in Music, and have long known that I would someday play Drums, and studied drum theory).
8.23.2001 at 3:08 PM in Las Vegas (Mars Music)
comments in Sidereal (one sign off from Tropical)
Mars 27 Scorp, Asc 26 Scorp, Moon 12 Lib (I figured it would take a couple of days to set up, so it would be by Moon conj Mars, and, Moon Libra is the Arts). Ven 1 Can (my natal Asc 29 Gem). Sun 6 Leo. NN 8 Gem & Jup 13 Gem in 7th. Jup Uran PartO'For scattered in 2nd
My grandfather taught me some drumming when I was a kid, and I briefly had a tiny teeny drum set at around age 5. I had a lesson from Buddy Rich (around age 8?) and watched him and other famous drummers, from around 2 ft away, to study. lucky me).
Hear MUSIC SAMPLES (drums, guitar, keyboards, Midi, Vocals) all at

Chris Holley's Answer Phone Message's
(can change them anytime, slip in a tape)

(off one sign from "Tropical")

1) 2.6.1997 7.37am Las Vegas
not used, needs rediting

2) 1.13.2000 8.04am (my lunar return)
Moon 2nd, Jupiter 1 Aries 2nd, Nep 12th, Ur Asc, Mars 1st, NN in 6th opp natal NN

3) 9.9.1999 12.36pm
Sun & Moon MC Leo, Mars Pl Asc, Jup 5th

4) 12.17.2002 12:54 pm
Moon NN Taur 2nd, Merc MC, Ven 16 Mars 15 Lib in 7th Frequently Used

5) 11.24.1998 10.48am
Moon Asc (conj natal NN), conj Nep 12th & Uran 1st; Sun conj Ven & Pl 10th; Jup conj 2nd cusp Frequently on Standby

6) 5.14.1999 11.13am
Aries: MC 7, Sat 14, Merc 16, Moon 18, Sun 28, all in 10th; Jup 9th

7) 1.13.1997 4.10pm
Mars NN 6th; Sat Mn SN 12th Pisc; Sun Nep Jup MC and Uran 10th; (Ven conj Merc 8th near 9th)

8) 5.14.1999 11.14am see #6 above
all recorded in Las Vegas
note: #7 is one of my all time favorites
#6 & #8 are one minute appart
#4 is Frequently Used