Yearly Forecast 2003:

Saturn in Taurus (sidereal system only, and its been in Taurus for 2 years) till 2 days after Tax Day (April 15th), indicates we are all strapped for cash (as we have been for 2 years), after that, Saturn will enter Gemini (no more cash shortage), gas shortage? or automotive strikes?, stronger transportation laws, and certainly a limitation of automotive sales (better to gear towards Luxury Cars the next 2 years, as thats how long Saturn will be in Gemini, this also marks set backs and limitations in the Communications Industries, Saturn is Tough Times, Law, and the need for Structure & Order).

But with Jupiter in Cancer, The Restaurant Biz, Home Care, and Real Estate are all Booming till Aug 3rd when Show Biz, Entertainment, Rock & Roll, and Las Vegas, will all see Good Times (and real estate & the restaurant biz will drop off a bit).

Future Note:
Saturn in Cancer (mid Sept 2004 and lasting 2 long years), The Restaurant Biz, Home Care, and Real Estate will all Bite the Dust, so get it while you can.