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May 2007 Astro Forecast

ASTRO FORECAST HIGHLIGHTS MAY 2007 (with detailed day by day forecast below)
Posted: 2007.04.30..15:47 PM pdst

STRESS DAYS: May 2007: 9th (major), 10th (8:45pm pdst), 12, 13, 20 (communications), 22, 23
HARMONY DAYS: May 2007: 5 (4:04am pdst), 6, 7, 10 (2:27am pdst), 14, 19, 24 (PM), 26 (AM)

BLUE MOON (2 full moons in one callendar month): 1st (PM),2nd (AM), and 31st

Venus (love, friendship, money) and Mars (passion, exercise, war) have been in conflicting square formation Last Month, and are now starting to part from the conflict, so if you have had some strained social situations (with people who don't have enough "serotonin" neuro-transmitters, and are hostile due to the lack of serotonin), this is gradually but quickly clearing, and by mid-May should hopefully be all over with all of that. (It has also been a time of achievement, especially for dancers and atheletes, dont strain yourselves).

VENUS (love, friendship, money) is in Gemini for most of May 2007, a good time for Community and/or Tribal affairs (encompassing a social structure beyond family, into the community, often missing in large cities, except for social clubs etc), and a good time for Communications (except 5/5 and 5/7), and a good time for CRUSING (getting in you car and driving around, ordinarily I don't like to encourage the waste of gas, but if you were ever going to drive around for fun, nows the time). Good time for automotive repair.

Jupiter and Saturn (put together = big business) are in harmony all of this month, the tendency is to sit back and relax (good idea) but also a good time to work on future business things, to ensure harmony in the future.

U-ranus (the planet of science, thats U-ranus, not Ur-anus, nor Uran-us) is algined with the North Node (or "Dragons Head" in Chinese astrology), the point of Good Luck and Good Fortune, thus an excellent time for modern science (the savior of humanity, making life simpler, easier, more harmonious). We can expect some major scientific break-thrus, continuing this month (including internet communications.

5/05/2007 CINCO DE MAYO (Mexican Holiday): Lucky that the Moon is alligned with Jupiter the planet of celebration (4:04 AM pacific daylight time), and Mexicans tend to get up and party early (please turn down the bass, as bass frequencies pass right thru walls), but later on in the day, Moon is square Mars (anger and war, bickering, duels to the death, and/or boxing matches (I think we have one Cinco de Mayo here in Las Vegas?)), while Mercury (paperwork or automotive) is square Saturn (government), so have your green cards and drivers licences handy. By late evening (when all good Mexicans have gone to sleep to get up early) the Moon will be aligned with Pluto (masses of society), suggesting it should be busy here in Las Vegas. Several years back, Las Vegas had the 1st Annual Mariachi Festival and a boxing match (they all bet on the loser, and there was no second annual Mariachi Festival, but thats gambling). The next day (Sunday) looks very harmonius, but one might miss meeting up with friends, due to such large crowds. Treat your chiwawa to a left over tortilla.

MAY 9TH Sun, Moon, Saturn all in square: possible cold snap weather, government restriction and business company restrictions are stronger now. Old mother hubbard, went to the cupboard, but the cupboard was bare, bare to the bitter bone. Feelings of doom and gloom. It's best to avoid everything, lay low, take B vitamins, ignore the fact that your broke and can't afford anything, and go out and have a low profile good time, out on the town, were no one will every find you. A very strong day for Political issues.

MOTHERS DAY 5/13/2007: mars (war) is squared pluto (masses of society), so while I suggest you not battle the masses of society by going to a restaurant, if your mom is a true warrior, you might not want to stay at home for a big dinner (but if you have a peaceful mom, dine in, not out), and one way or the other make it later in the evening (USA time), not in the morning. Also with Sun square Neptune, you might expect heavy rain, fog, flooding, and over intoxication (especially with the moon in Pisces).

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND May 26, 27, 28, 2007: If you start out on Friday when the moon is square Mercury and Pluto, plan on large crowds in confusion. While early Saturday morning (26th) as well as late Friday night, the sun and moon are in harmonius trine, party all day, Sunday also looks OK except Venus square Moon in the afternoon is not socially friendly (minor), Monday looks nice, and the moon will be in Libra (sign of peace). Let us put aside our investments in war, and strive towards peace. So it looks like a very pleasant 3 day weekend. I encourage you to write your senator and house rep, to encourage them to pull out of Iraq, now that we have found that there are no weapons of mass destruction (to be found).